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ISSUE #64 / june 13, 2019


Stef Chura / Midnight / Saddle Creek

Stef Chura.jpg

One of our favorite records of the week, Detirot indie darling Stef Chura delivers an excellent effort with Midnight.

The Empty Bottle is hosting her on July 5th. Tix are $10.


Plague Vendor / By Night / Epitaph

Cali punk rockers Plague Vendor run full steam ahead into By Night. Strap on your moshing shoes and give this one a spin.

Check out Plague Vendor at Beat Kitchen on October 5th. Tix are $15.


French Vanilla / How Am I Not Myself? / Danger Collective

French Vanilla.png

Incredibly infectious indie pop out of L.A., French Vanilla blends the punch of horns with a danceable beat on their sophomore effort How Am I Not Myself?.

This Los Angeles quartet is opening for Stef Chura at The Empty Bottle on July 5th. Tix are $10.


Dinosaur Pile-Up / Celebrity Mansions / Parlophone , Warner

Who doesn’t love the grungy punk throwback of Dinosaur Pile-Up? If so, move on and miss out on the raw power of Celebrity Mansions.

Dinosaur Pile-Up will be at Tinley Park opening for Shinedown and Badflower on July 14th. Tix are $25 and up.


Dumb / Club Nites / Mint


Club Nites is as addicting as raw indie rock gets. Vancouver quartet Dumb plays our favorite way: loose and lump-inducing.

You can catch Dumb at The Burlington on June 25th. There’s probably a cover.  


PicaPica / Together & Apart / Rough Trade

Together & Apart is the debut album by PicaPica. It somewhat operates in the folk realm with beautiful harmonies by Josienne Clarke and Samantha Whates. Adam Beattie (guitar) and Sonny Johns (bass), help take PicaPica into other realms that are not limited to the indie folk world.


PicaPica does not have any upcoming shows in Chicago, but fingers crossed something changes.



Art of Fighting / Luna Low / Remote Control

Art of Fighting.png

Twelve years was worth the wait as Luna Low is Art of Fighting’s best record yet. The Melbourne quartet’s new album is sure to make you fall in love all over again.


Brandt Brauer Frick / Echo / Brandt Brauer Frick , Because

Berlin electro experimentalists Brandt Brauer Frick return with Echo and it’s a phenomenal mind trip.

brandt brauer frick.png


Chon / Chon / Sumerian


Jam conosiours will dig the deep resources that San Diego trio Chon harvest on their self-titled fourth record.

The House of Blues is hosting these jam mavericks on June 28th. Tix are $25.


Cy Dune / Desert / Lightning

Seth Olinsky aka Cy Dune is a guitar virtuoso and Desert shows off every skill in his toolbox.

cy dune.png


Haybaby / They Get There / Tiny Engines , Haybaby


With an indie garage rock sound and some haunting vocals from fronter Leslie Hong, Heybaby made us wait four years for full length They Get There, their follow up to the excellent Sleepy Kids.  

They’ll be at the Cactus Club in Milwaukee on July 10th. Tix are $10.


Nicole Yun / Paper Suit / Kanine

Eternal Summers lead singer Nicole Yun stretches her legs on her own with the excellent Paper Suit.

nicole yun.png


WASI / Riot Pop / Candy Shop , We Are She Is


The full length debut from Cali five piece WASI is a genre mashup of epic proportions. Riot Pop is overflowing with punk, hip-hop, indie rock and more.


Mattson 2 / Paradise / Company

Mattson 2, comprised of twins Jared and Jonathon, continue their journey through psych-jazz with Paradise and offer a sunny disposition to start the summer. This is the first album where we start to see them adding lyrics to their songs which adds a new characteristic to the ever-evolving duo.


Mattson 2 will be playing at the Empty Bottle on July 3rd, Tickets are $12.

the mattson 2.png


Damn Tall Buildings / Don’t Look Down / Damn Tall Buildings

damn tall buildings.png

Damn Tall Buildings are American music. With every influence imaginable blended into their newgrass sound, the Brooklyn string quartet just doesn’t stop surprising on Don’t Look Down.


LITE / Multiple / Topshelf , HIP LAND

Japanse post-rock that is right up our alley. LITE produces the kind of addictive sonic multitudes on Multiple we just can’t get enough of.



Pipe-eye / Inside/Outside / Flightless , ATO


Pipe-eye is the side project of King Gizzard and Lizard Wizard’s Cook Craig. Inside/Outside is Craig’s third release and is trippy and psychedelic as ever. Sounding like an amazing trip while at a carnival, these side projects of Gizz members continue to get weirder and weirder, and we love it.


Catch Cook Craig AKA Pipe-eye on tour with King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard at the Aragon Ballroom August 24th.


Low Hum / Room To Breathe / Lost Gang

Recorded in his home studio, Low Hum’s debut full length Room To Breathe, is just the type of layered indie rock that we can sink our ears into.

low hum.png