Ezra Furman / 📷 : Tina Mead

Dear Surfers,

After 75 inspiring weeks of bringing you a fresh issue each and every issue, we have reached the point where a new structure is in order. For those that are unaware, Laura and Kyle are expecting a little crowd surfer in two months, and it has come time for CCS to take on a new guise. We will still be bringing you the best the Chicago scene has to offer, just not in a weekly binge issue. Instead you can expect nearly daily updates to the site with all the show write ups, album reviews, new tracks and releases we can throw at you. It may take a few weeks for us to get up to speed, but today we threw out all bunch of stuff that came out last week, and each and every week we will be posting new content continuously. This is the new face of Chicago Crowd Surfer. Now get your ass to Douglas Park this weekend for some Riot action, and check out our preview below. Along with Tina Mead’s write up on the fantastic Ezra Furman show at Lincoln Hall last weekend! That’s right Surfers! No more initials and semi-anonymity. This is us . . . in all our . . .

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And coming soon . . . the Chi hip hop extravaganza that was Malci / Free Snacks / Musa Reems at Sleeping Village and the rocking Mannequin Pussy / Destroy Boys / Ellis at Lincoln Hall, along with Joe Pug / Dead Horses at The Hideout, and of course our Riot Fest adventures along with our friends at Midwest Action!! We’ve got so many things coming your way!

Ganser / 📷: Kirsten Miccoli

Ganser / 📷: Kirsten Miccoli


It’s amazing how the right people sometimes come into your life and the rest you can find on Craigslist.” - Nadia Garofalo





Ezra Furman

with: Speedy Ortiz / Stef Chura

Lincoln Hall

30/10 Series

September 7th

Ezra Furman / 📷 : Tina Mead

This lineup was stacked. Not unusual when seeing an-all local lineup, as the Chicago scene is rife with killer bands, but all three of these were touring. Stef Chura came to us from Detroit. Speedy Ortiz from Philly. Ezra Furman grew up in Evanston, but he has been out in Cali for a minute. Three touring headliner-worthy bands all together, just for us?!?! Bonkers



Riot Fest Preview

Douglas Park

September 13th - 15th

Holy sh*t f*ck balls, Riot Fest is 15! Man does that make us feel old... The annual club fest turned outdoor circus festival shenanigans supreme is celebrating with a hell of a blowout lineup this Friday through Sunday in beautiful Douglas Park, the festival’s home for the last four years. Whether this is your first time braving the crowds coursing through the gates, or if you’re like us and a veteran of the gargantuan rock fest, we’ve got a few tips, pointers, and of course all the bands we think you should take a gander at during the end-of-summer extravaganza that is Riot Fest 15! 



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