Sir Babygirl / 📷 : Tina Mead

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Added Today: The Hecks hit The Empty Bottle for their Record Release Party on Monday and Tina Mead was there, along with a whole load of Chicago scenesters and musicians for an amazing night. If you haven’t listened to My Star today, what are you waiting for!

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Check Out: Sir Babygirl hit up The Empty Bottle with Nyssa and CJ Run in support, and our tireless contributor Tina Mead was there with guest writer Aaron Pylinski for all the action!
Chicago trio Lollygagger is gearing up for their Video Album and full length releases this month. Make sure to check out our interview with the ornery rockers ahead of their Video Premiere at Logan Arcade this Thursday night!

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Coming soon . . . Stay tuned for plenty more shows on the horizon (Jimmy Whispers at The Hideout / MEUTE at Bottom Lounge / and B Boys at Empty Bottle, to name a few); and album reviews coming your way (The Hecks, Davis the Dorchester Bully, Big Thief, and more)!!





“We see a lack of sensibility and pragmatism in world politics, and a lot of those things are the opposite of absurd comedy but absurd comedy is the window to it. If you see yourself in a light that is realistic you’ll see the realistic paths toward solutions.”



The Hecks

Record Release

with Juiceboxxx and Fire-Toolz

Empty Bottle

October 7th

The Hecks / 📷 : Tina Mead

The Chicago music scene was out in force to celebrate and support The Hecks’ album release show that included Fran, fresh off a set at SubT that same night. The full litany would be as long as this article, so we will skip that and just make note of what a truly beautifully supportive crowd it was.


Sir Babygirl

Nyssa / CJ Run

Empty Bottle

October 4th

Sir Babygirl / 📷 : Tina Mead

This isn’t just a story of live music and merrymaking. It’s much more than that. This particular Friday night was a showcase of all that is good in humankind, shown through the power of music and open-minded camaraderie. 



faux Co.

Harvey Fox


September 27th

Faux Co. / 📷 : Kyle Land

The weather outside was dreary, the rain pouring down on a cancelled night of Metal mayhem at Revolution Oktoberfest, but inside Cole’s Bar two local acts were ready to pour on the psych and folk to balm the spirits of those who braved nature’s water works. Cole’s has been booking local acts for years and their Friday and Saturday night shows have always attracted a quality scene, drawn by the cheap drinks and free music.


God is an Astronaut

Thalia Hall

September 25th

God is an Astronaut / 📷 : John Barnard

With a set drawing heavily from the 2005 record that introduced me to their brand of post-rock, All is Violent, All is Bright and latest album Epitaph, God is an Astronaut were not shy about turning up to 11 or drowning the venue with lights and smoke, the latter of which gave way to my first concert fire alarm experience.


The Still Tide


September 24th

The Still Tide / 📷 : John Barnard

Usually a full band, tonight’s performance was solo Anna, and I expected it to be a sparsely populated, subdued set. It was anything but. Schubas’ back room was packed by the time she took the small stage, and quickly made use of every inch. Interspersed with fiercely sung personal tales, Anna regaled the crowd with her obsession with Chicago’s love of Malort, and educated us on the new British slang for farting – “Trumping.”



Goose Island 312 Block Party

September 20th and 21st

Kurt Vile / 📷 : Tina Mead

The Goose Island 312 Block Party is the last free street fest of the summer not to be missed! They draw people with cheap beers and great bands. What other fest else can you get a Matilda for $3!?! The fest exclusives, small barrel brews, and partner breweries take it over the top. I was partial to the limited release Goose Island hazy IPA, Lost Palate. By the number of the colorful cans floating around, I'd say others were, too. On the downside, space is tight and since people are there for the drinking, if you don't press in to get close to the main stage, the music will be drowned out by the throng of conversation. That's not a problem on the indoor "local music" (literally a warehouse with a stage in the corner). It was loud as always, and this year it was sweltering hot, which meant only people who really want to feel the music stayed. Except for on Saturday, when it provided shelter from the storm... but I’m getting ahead of myself.


Decibel Crawl Fest

September 22nd

Sex No Babies / 📷 : Kyle Land

In its second year, Decibel Crawl Fest hit last weekend for three days of local acts in venues across the city. With three shows to choose from on Friday and Saturday and two on Sunday, there was plenty of Chicago talent on display. Catching the Sunday show at Outer Sound was a particular treat, as an eclectic mix of artists lit up the sparse DIY venue for a marathon night of passionate tunes boiled over into the late night ether. The small, eclectic crowd was all energy for a good part of the night, with each performer getting their own cheering section, including many of the artists who stuck around long after their sets were finished or showed early to check out the magic being produced by their peers.



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