ISSUE #58 / May 2, 2019

Flesh Panthers.png

Flesh Panthers
Ride the Blind

A new, rolling and rocking single from this Chicago-based outfit that lives to make you groove. The Flesh Panthers just keep cranking out the singles, and we keep gobbling ‘em up. “Ride the Blind” is just the latest in a long line of excellent blues-laden southern rock tunes.

June 15th they are hitting the DIY space VCR, headlining an excellent lineup that includes Faux Furrs and The Knees. DM for address.

Black Belt Eagle Scout.jpg

Black Belt Eagle Scout
Half Colored Hair

The B-side to last week’s excellent, stand-alone single “Loss & Relax.” A gently flowing beginning to the love song, “Half Colored Hair,” shows off Black Belt Eagle Scout’s sensitive side.

Black Belt Eagle Scout is opening for Julia Jacklin at Schubas on May 8th. That show has been Sold Out for weeks.


FKA Twigs

The first new music in three years from the British, electro R&B phenom FKA Twigs, who broke out big in 2014 with LP1. “Cellophane” strips some of the lush orchestrations of her previous material down to just her vocals and a spare piano track, reveling in the pure emotion her performance evokes. Is this a teaser single for her second record? (No announcements have been made as of yet.)

She has yet to return to Chicago after her killer Pitchfork headlining performance in 2016.

Delsbo Beach Club.jpg

Delsbo Beach Club
A burger in Åkersberga EP

The second EP within the year from the Stockholm indie rockers Delsbo Beach Club is more swinging tunes with a tongue-in-cheek feel that fits the raw aesthetic of A burger in Åkersberga to perfection.

No stateside shows are planned at this time.

Walking Bicycles.jpg

Walking Bicycles
Chooch EP

Chooch is the first release in five years that we have seen from Chicago’s reverb exuding alt-rockers, Walking Bicycles. Thankfully, it was worth the wait. They still have that Jane's Addiction meets Joy Division thing, but with more confidence. More deliberation. And unassuaged certainty. They’re a band that has been doing their thing for a while and are very comfortable in the oily, hirsute husk they’ve sown for themselves to live in. Some people give bands crap for doing the same thing, but better with each iteration. Those people need to shut up and just listen to Walking Bicycles. Album highlights include the smoldering, gooey slap and tear of “Fat Cat,” the reeking reverb-molding garden apartment elegy, “Statutory Basement,” the dire funky squeeze of “ESP,”  and the angular, low-pressure system riff clash “Dead Things.” Fingers crossed we see a full-length either this year or early next.


Walking Bicycles will be at the Hideout on May 10 w/ Stuck and Shimmer. Tickets are $10.


The Racing Pulses
Go, Forward!

The Madison rockers The Racking Pulses penned this tune as a stadium anthem for Forward Madison FC, their hometown USL team. “Go,Forward!” Forwards! Or something like that . . .

They are playing the Summer Solstice Music Festival in Milwaukee on June 22nd. Check it out!Sold Out

Winnetka bowling League.jpg

Winnetka Bowling League
Cloudy With a Chance of Sun EP

The sun-fueled, indie-pop of Winnetka Bowling League is downright infectious, and their debut EP Cloudy With A Chance of Sun will echo from our car speakers all summer long.

No shows at the moment for these L.A. rockers.

Flying Lotus.png

Flying Lotus
Spontaneous / Takashi

L.A. super-producer Flying Lotus leaks two songs prior to his album release on May 24th. The first, “Spontaneous” is an electronic ,funk and hip-hop collaboration with Swedish band Little Dragon. The smooth and easy listening beat along with lead singer’s Yukimi Nagano creates a calming sensation to the ears. Second song, “Takashi,” is a funk, reggae-infused beat leading into a chopping electric guitar and smooth hip-hop beat: it is a fun dance track that reminds me of juke music but slightly slower. So far, listeners have heard just a taste of what the producer has to bring to the table, and we’ll hear the a full album in the next few weeks...


Nothing announced for a Chicago show- hopefully we will see him sometime soon.


Radical Face
Therapy EP

We fell in love with Radical Face in 2007 when his debut LP Ghost hit hard. Twelve years and many projects later, his layered folk has turned into orchestrated indie-pop on new EP Therapy. A turn for the veteran musician that lets him explore a whole new side of himself.  

There are no Radical Face dates at this time.

Lucy Dacus.jpg

Lucy Dacus
My Mother & I

Just in time for Mother’s Day comes this affecting track from the excellent Lucy Dacus. “My Mother & I” contains Dacus in a folk cocoon of plucked guitar beauty and gorgeous lyrical quality.

She rolled through quite a few times last year, so it is no surprise that she doesn’t have any Chicago dates as of now.


Mannequin Pussy
Drunk II

A rocking break up tune from Philly’s Mannequin Pussy, “Drunk II” is the first single off new record Patience, due out June 21st.

Though there are no dates at the moment, we’re sure they’ll be through as soon as this record drops.

Japanese Breakfast.jpg

Japanese Breakfast

Michelle Zauner trying her hand at some very recognizable ‘80s motifs. Like an Orange Juice flavored poptart with Cure frosting and blast of baroque-pop sprinkles. An endearing and tasty audible confection.


Japanese Breakfast will be at Lolla on August 1st. Get your tickets here.

The Chain Gang of 1974.png

The Chain Gang of 1974
Such A Shame

Californian indie-electronic band, The Chain Gang of 1974, releases new, yet sad, break-up song, Such A Shame, for a (hopefully) new album. Since their last single release in 2017, this new song still brings out their style with guitar riffs and airy electronic beats trickling along the instruments. As the song ends, the band builds up the tone while front man and DJ, Kamtin Mohager, sings in a low pitch under the instruments.  It’s been five years since we’ve heard a new album from them, hopefully this will be the year fans get an LP.


No upcoming concerts or festivals yet for these guys.

Olafur Arnalds.png

Ólafur Arnalds
re:member - string quartets

The Icelandic composer Ólafur Arnalds has released a short, three-track piece for string quartet that, like all his other work, is exceptionally beautiful.

He was just here a few months back, so we wouldn’t expect him anytime soon.


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