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Second Act 

Another single off Varsity’s demo release The Basement Takes (dropping November 15th). “Second Act” shows the roots of what has become one of Chicago's premier indie pop acts.  

-Kyle Land

Schubas - November 30th - Vinyl Release


Engine Summer
Carol’s Dead

Bumping new track “Carol’s Dead” from Chicago trio Engine Summer promises the same intense post rock swagger that have made them one of the cities most fun live bands. 

-Kyle Land

We missed them Thursday at The Whistler. Sad faces all around... 


REZN , Lume
Live at Electrical Studio 

Local experimental metal luminarys REZN and Lume have combined to give us a collab studio performance with Live at Electrical Studio. Hold onto your beards and check your mind at the door.  

-Kyle Land

REZN - Friday September 27th - Revolution Oktoberfest - 4:00PM
REZN and Lume Collab Show - Empty Bottle - October 12th


Boys V.S. Girls
She’s A Rager!!!

A killer track from local artist Boys V.S. Girls hits on all the right levels. Our only complaint with “She’s A Rager!!!” is the 2:30 run time, which just means it deserves to be played twice. 

-Kyle Land

This Saturday September 28th - Sub T opening for SuperKnova


The Shades
Great Escape 

Harmonies prevail on local trio The Shades new tune “Great Escape.” Harkening back to radio rock of the mid 90’s, The Shades hooky bop is sure to please anyone who pines for simpler times and rolling melodies. 

-Kyle Land


Nurse and Nun

The latest single from Chicago duo Djunah’s highly anticipated new record Ex Voto, sliding into your ears November 1st. With their dark rock style they blast through “Nurse and Nun” with an abandon that should spread throughout the album. 

-Kyle Land

Empty Bottle - November 4th - Album Release


Just Friends

Soul/funk collective Just Friends return riding the coattails of last years excellent Nothing but Love with new single “Fever.” A fun loving, funkified joy of a tune that is sure to brighten up the day. 

-Kyle Land

Tomorrow, Friday September 27th - Cobra Lounge - All Ages


Donovan Woods
Way Way Back 

The Toronto folker takes a pop turn with “Way Way Back.” Known for his heartfelt acoustic performances, Donovan Woods takes a dive into mainstream songwriting and comes out the other side with a really damn fine tune. 

-Kyle Land

Thalia Hall - November 1st 


Soccer Mommy

Sophie Allison just keeps putting out singles and “Lucy,” her latest in a long line of standalones preceding 2018 standout Soccer Mommy album Clean, keeping the talented Nashville artist in the positive public eye. It helps that everyone of the new tunes is killer. As our friend Dave exclaims, “why is XRT sleeping on this girl!”

-Kyle Land


V.V. Lightbody

A gorgeous new track from Vivian McConnell, who is currently finishing a new album coming in Spring ‘20, “Allowance” is everything we have come to expect from one of Chicago’s brightest lights. 

-Kyle Land

Lincoln Hall - November 30th



“Company” is the lead single from the debut full length from Chicago indie rockers Fran. And if this tune is any indication A Private Picture promises to contain some of Maria Jacobson’s rawest and most personal work to date.    

-Kyle Land

Hideout - November 23rd - Record Release


Blacker Face
My Life Matters

Blacker Face continues to invigorate with their third single off new record Distinctive Juju, due out October 18th on Sooper Records. What can this local act not do? We are convinced: they can do it all.  

-Kyle Land

Hideout - October 18th - Record Release


The Burst and Bloom

We’re a bit late to the party but “Rush” by locals The Burst and Bloom had us jamming all the way to Riot Fest this weekend. The Burst and Bloom deserves to be on everyone's radar. Get out to see them soon.  

-Kyle Land

It looks like The Burst and Bloom is looking for a new drummer!


Skeleton Key

Atlanta trio Omni is delivering Networker November 1st and second single “Skeleton Key” is just what the doctor ordered to get us through the week. 

-Kyle Land

Empty Bottle - October 25th

no men.jpg


If you’re not excited about the upcoming NO MEN record, their first in three years, then you don’t have any blood in your veins. And if “Sucker” doesn’t get it pumping, nothing will.   

- Kyle Land

Decible Crawl Fest - Elastic Arts - September 20th
Lincoln Hall - October 31st 


Cam’s Jams
Loverocket Revolution

A beachy psych rock journey of trippy proportions awaits from Cam’s Jams. With “Loverocket Revolution” the Chicago journeyman Cameron Cowles (Peach Fuzz, Modern Shag) hits all the right buttons in his debut solo track.   

- Kyle Land


Danny Brown
Dirty Laundry

If first single “Dirty Laundry” is any indication Danny Brown’s upcoming album uknowhatimsayin¿ (due October 4th) is gonna be on everyone's shortlist for hip hop record of the year.

- Kyle Land

grimes .jpg


A collaboration with producer i_0, Canadian singer and songwriter Grimes releases electro indie song, “Violence”, a tune that gives out a dance melody while contrasting her lyrics of domestic abuse. The music video is really abstract and interesting, while in the beginning she reads the book, The Art of War, Grimes is surrounded by dancers wielding weapons while she is in the middle, dancing and at times, wearing a mask over her mouth. The music video is as intriguing as the song.

- Nicole Locarno


It’s Coming It’s Real

From Swans you come to expect epic. And the nearly eight minute “It’s Coming, It’s Real” doesn’t skimp in that department. The lead single from new album Leaving Meaning sounds like the NYC outfit hasn’t missed a beat since ‘16s The Glowing Man.   

- Kyle Land


Ex Hex
It’s Real / What Kind of Monster Are You?

Ex Hex rolled out the cut title track to their latest record It’s Real along with a cover of the Slant 6’s “What Kind of Monster Are You?” After adding Michelle Mae on bass, freeing up Betsy Wright to join Mary Timony on guitar we’ve heard their live shows have hit another level!   

-Kyle Land


Chelsea Wolfe
Deranged for Rock & Roll

Chelsea Wolfe raises fans’ anticipation for her new album, Birth of Violence, by releasing this vocally soft yet intriguing electronic and acoustic melody in new song “Deranged for Rock & Roll”. The tonal change in her vocals from the chorus to the verses with this looming melody that gets louder and louder as the song progresses, gives this dark and creepy feeling as she embraces her self in the lust for the genre. 

-Nicole Locarno