Stoop goodnoise

ISSUE #47 / February 14, 2019

photo credit: Gil Perez

CCS: Chicago Crowd Surfer
SGN: Stoop Goodnoise

Chicago rockers Stoop Goodnoise just put out their third record Twelfth House last Friday. We spoke to them after their album release party at the Sub T to talk origins, astrology, and the difficulty of pinning yourself down to a genre. Make sure to check out Twelfth House and be on the lookout for them hitting up the clubs around the city.

CCS: For those that don't know of Stoop Goodnoise, can you run through your lineup and a brief history of the band?

SGN: Stoop Goodnoise is an American indie/alternative rock band, formed by Adrian and Luis Aguilar in Chicago, IL during high school in 2003. The band’s current lineup includes Bela Farkas on Bass, who joined the band after a past member’s departure, and David Dizon on Guitar, who Adrian and Luis knew from high school.

Adrian Aguilar - Vox/Guitar
Luis Angel Aguilar - Drums
Bela Farkas - Bass
David Dizon - Guitar

CCS: Where did the name originate, and does it hold any significance?  

SGN: The band name originated from the mash up of “stoop kid” from the Nickelodeon cartoon Hey Arnold. Initially the band was named Stoop but after receiving notice that the name was taken, the band decided to adopt an elderly neighbor’s praise to the incessant rehearsals from the attic, describing the racket as “good noise.”

CCS: After a few listens, your new record "Twelfth House" started to sound like it has a through line. Do you see this as a concept album?

SGN: The album definitely has a theme. I set out to write an album that showcased the chaos of my early twenties juxtaposed with new found clarity turning 30. It’s meant to be a goodbye love letter to my adolescence.

The opening song “All My Friends” is energetic and fearless, as one would be when one is 20 and feels invincible. Throughout the album’s progression I wanted to see that calm down as I myself did with time and life experience. It is then book ended with “Canfield” a song that asks “do you remember Canfield?” A street in Norridge, IL where I spent my high school years with a first love.

The title was inspired by the 12th House of astrology. Here is a snippet on what the 12th House is all about:

"The Twelfth House is commonly referred to as the House of the Unconscious. The unconscious state can help engender our successes, as well as assist us in coping with our failures. Success vs. failure: do we consciously confront our lives or subconsciously sweep things under the proverbial rug? This house might more aptly be called the House of Reckoning, since it is in the Twelfth that we review what we have been (and done) and decide where we go from there. Along with these unconscious musings, we also deliberate on strengths and weaknesses that are hidden from public view.”

CCS: Your sound bridges a few rock genres, from punk and emo to grunge and garage. Where do you all see yourselves fitting, or does that even matter in rock anymore?

SGN: Although we have grown to adopt Indie/Alternative for simplicity’s sake, we truly identify with all the bands we grew up listening to. That’s where I think the emo, punk, grunge, and garage comes from. It’s truly about doing what serves the song, in the moment, rather than trying to make a song that serves a genre.

CCS: Chicago is full of venues. What are some of your favorites to play and/or see a show?

SGN: We are big fans of Schubas, The Vic Theatre, Riviera Theatre, Lia's Club, Livewire Lounge, and The Aragon Ballroom. We would love to play Lincoln Hall and The Chicago Theatre one day.

CCS: Are there any local acts you think are being overlooked at the moment?

SGN: Fall Classic - Master musicians with the tightest live act we’ve seen in a while.

The Burst and Bloom - Great live band, solid sound.

Marmora - Marmora will melt your face good.

Flake Michigan - Truly are reinventing the feels!

Kodakrome - The Thinking man's punk rock band.

Listeners can follow Stoop Goodnoise @stoopgoodnoise and catch them on March 31st at The Burlington w/Kodakrome. Head over to to buy the vinyl. The album is available everywhere for digital download.