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ISSUE #70 / August 1, 2019


Dude York / Falling / Hardly Art

dude york.jpg

Exploring all facets of relationships, this Seattle trio has dropped a super catchy, sing-along journey through the human heart. Falling finds Dude York at their most potent.   

Beat Kitchen is hosting them on September 8th. Tix are $10.


Florist / Emily Alone / Double Double

The third effort from this Upstate New York act finds Emily Sprague writing and recording this one on her own. Typically a three piece, Florist has transformed into Emily Alone

She’ll be at Schubas on August 11th. Tix are $10.


Chris Gantry / Nashlantis / Drag City

chris gantry.jpg

Outlaw troubadour Chris Gantry returns once again with this ode to his adopted hometown of Nashville. Nashlantis is full of characters and stories that only an artist like Gantry could bring to life. 


Particle Kid / Window Rock / OAR

An epic indie rock gem from Micah Nelson, the youngest son of Willie. If you’re looking for anything related to his father or brother’s work, you won’t find it here. Particle Kid is the future, and Window Rock is it’s reflection.  


Small Crush / Small Crush / ASIAN MAN

small crush.jpg

This San Jose quartet produces loosely-formed tunes that focus on lyrics from Logan Hammon and catchy indie hooks. Their debut full-length has Small Crush cranking out some fantastic tunes. 


Maneka / Devin / Exploding In Sound

Devin McKnight, (ex-Speedy Ortiz, Grass Is Green,) has a second solo venture as Maneka is an intense and fuzzy ride through the post-punk mind. Devin is not for the casual listen; there is much to unpack in this darkly dazzling record.



Fallow Land / Slow Down, Rockstar / Spartan

fallow land.jpg

Slow Down, Rockstar is the debut from indie rockers Fallow Land, and much like the band’s namesake, this is a rich, nourishing, indie output from the Chicago collective. Boasting well-structured guitars from Evan Veasey and evocative vocals from Whit Fineberg, this marks the entrance of an exciting new player in the indie landscape. 



The Paranoid Style / A Goddamn Impossible Way of Life / Bar None

With plenty of attitude and lyrical confession, Elizabeth Nelson returns as The Paranoid Style. The perfect record for the moment A Goddamn Impossible Way of Life revels in the current social climate. 

a paranoid style.jpg


Caleb Giles / Under the Shade / Caleb Giles

caleb giles.jpg

Under the Shade is a riveting record from Caleb Giles who also plays saxophone in NYC jazz ensemble Standing on the Corner and finds the artist exploring the edges of what hip-hop can be.


Cuco / Para Mi / Cuco , Interscope

The major label debut of Omar Banos (the brains behind the thoroughly infectious Cuco. On Para Mi, he takes his off-kilter bubblegum psych pop to a whole other level.  

He’ll be at The Aragon on September 22nd with local wonder Kaina opening. Tix are $37.50



Oh, Hiroshima / Oscillation / Napalm

oh hiroshima.jpg

Swedish post-rock outfit Oh Hiroshima returns with their third full-length album, Oscillation. The trio continues their take on the genre marked by the usual epic guitar and drum combination that has defined post-rock for years, but with the added twist of airy vocal soundscapes and layered electronic instrumentals; this invites Oh Hiroshima to join the ranks of other Nordic post-rock groups with a unique and captivating sound. 



Ian Ferguson / State of Gold / County Fair

If you in any way think rock is dead, you need to listen to Ian Ferguson’s State of Gold. The bold, bluesy garage rock will give you that shot of rock n’ roll you crave.

ian ferguson.jpg


Clark / Kiri Variations / Throttle


Every album from Chris Clark is a thing of beauty. The English composer has outdone himself with Kiri Variations


King Ropes / Gravity and Friction / David Lowell Hollier

As sprawling and epic as the countryside of their home state of Montana, King Ropes’ new record Gravity and Friction is a must-listen from this week.

king ropes.jpg


Caamp / By and By / By and By , Mom+Pop


You know you’re going to listen to Caamp’s new album eventually. Why not take in this Ohio trio’s folky gem, By and By, right now? 

They are swinging through Thalia Hall on November 16th (Sold Out) and 17th. Tix are $25 - $28 for 17th.


Violent Femmes / Hotel Last Resort / Add It Up , [PIAS]

It’s the Violent Femmes. They’ve been around for thirty five years, and they are just as acerbic and entertaining as they used to be on Hotel Last Resort.

violent femmes.jpg