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ISSUE #69 / July 25, 2019


Sick Gazelle / Odum / War Crime

sick gazelle.jpg

We slept on this four track excursion into the ether of musical cocaphony that is Sick Gazelle. The instrumental Chicago trio dropped Odum back in May and we just now got turned onto its gloriously jazzy jams, and deep emotive valleys.


Saul Williams / Encrypted & Vulnerable / Pirates Blend

We’ve been a fan of Saul Williams since the poet/musican starred in Slam over twenty years ago. Encrypted & Vulnerable is his sixth record and he has been experimenting with his sound for every single one. Living a life filled with social protest, Williams’ work reflects his dreams of justice and solidarity for the black community.  


Sleepwalkers / Ages / Spacebomb

sleepwalkers .jpg

Light, hip, and full of youthful spunk, this Richmond based act brings the fun back into funky with their latest effort Ages. A non-stop, balls to wall mixture of rock, soul, and everything else in between. Sleepwalkers just keeps the hits coming.


Ed Balloon / The Dubs / Deathbomb Arc

The cure for the “it’s almost August and it’s too hot to listen to Bandana again,” blues comes in the form of Boston rapper Ed Balloon and his newest album, The Dubs. This is a warm, soaring mix of old school R&B and Balloon’s surprisingly feisty raps. The Dubs is a fun, energetic series of tracks that signal a new voice on the scene.



Ecce Shnak / Metamorphejawns / RMR


With illogical musical madness that would make Frank Zappa proud this New York ensemble led by David Roush produce a rush of insanity in Metamorphejawns. If The Flaming Lips and Of Montreal had a lovechild it might be like Ecce Shnak (pronounced Eh-kay Sh-knock).


Tuxedo / Tuxedo III / Funk on Sight

A very fun and filled with a mixture of funk, disco, and R&B, the producer musician duo Tuxedo released 11 track album, Tuxedo III bringing artists from all around such as MF Doom, Gabriel Garzonon ra-Montano, BattleCat and many more to work together and produce new songs with a classical melody. 


Tuxedo will be at the Thalia Hall on August 13th, tickets start at $20



Jeromes Dream / LP / Microspy

Jeromes Dream.png

Screamo pioneers Jeromes Dream took a 17 year hiatus between 2001 and 2018 and came back without missing a beat. On their second return album, LP, they’re still bringing the unique combination of distorted, alienating vocals and driving, epic, spirited metal infused emo rock. This is no frills intensity and Jeromes Dream is still a master of the form. 


Jeromes Dream will be playing at Beat Kitchen on Thursday, August 1. Tickets are $15.


Goon / Heaven is Humming / Partisan

Ear ringing intensity flows through Goon. This Los Angeles quartet, whose debut full length Heaven is Humming is a killer infusion of post punk destruction is one to watch out for.



Heron / Sun Release / Heron


In a genre as crowded as industrial post rock with bands that are seemingly interchangeable, Heron brings an epic sound that opts for more ethereal and skybound than many it their contemporaries. Their new album, Sun Release, is a gorgeous, richly layered journey that is sure to find its way in rotation at your next, science fiction themed barbecue. It also may be more of a solitary listen but either could be fun.



Chuck Cleaver / Send Aid / Shake It

This solo debut from Wussy front man Chuck Cleaver takes all that is good about Ass Ponys and Wussy and shoves it into one home recorded sound that screams Send Aid!

chuck cleaver.jpg


Twiddle / Unplugged in Burlington / Twiddle


Jam band veterans, Twiddle, do something truly unique in the realm of the jam, they get real with their fans on Unplugged in Burlington. On top of the buttery smooth jam rock, this is a remarkably personal live album that feels like a genuine love letter from the band. 



Generationals / Reader As Detective / Polyvinyl

Professionals at crafting synth pop gems, Generationals return with the addictive Reader As Detective. Over their ten year career, Grant Widmer and Ted Joyner have learned how to craft a record and this may be their best yet.   

Generationals is swinging by Lincoln Hall on September 20th. Tix are $18.



Murs and 9th Wonder / Brighter Daze / Murrs 316 , Jamla , EMPIRE

murrs and 9th wonder.jpg

The only man to rap for 24 hours, Murs returns to the studio for an introspective session with 9th Wonder spinning some funky beats. Possibly the most influential, non household name emcee, Murs takes a personal look at life in Brighter Daze


Darren Hayman / 12 Astronauts / Where It’s At Is Where You Are

Darren Hayman wins the award for the most interesting concept album of the year with 12 Astronauts. The prolific English singer/songwriter has written a song for each American to walk on the moon. An interesting conceit that works far better than it sounds like it should.

darren haymen.jpg