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ISSUE #63 / JUNE 6, 2019


Sinkane / Dépaysé / City Slang


The genre-bending Sudanese-American artist Sinkane returns with Dépaysé. A gorgeous record full of his patented blend of African rhythms with a full slate of influences from across the rock spectrum.  

He is making a stop at Chop Shop on June 21st. Tix are $15.


Rebecca Rego and The Trainmen / Speaking of Witches  / Rebecca Rego and The Trainmen

A wonderful album recorded at April Base in Wisconsin with famed producer Beau Sorenson, Rebecca Rego and The Trainmen have struck gold with Speaking of Witches.

They just rolled through last week, but we’re hoping they’ll be back later this summer.


Brvnks / Morri de Raiva / Sony , BRVNKS


Morri de Raiva is jam full of catchy and thoughtful indie rock straight from São Paulo, Brazil. Brvnks writes sunny pop with a stunnigly mature bent.


Lisa Hannigan & s t a r g a z e / Live in Dublin / Hoop / Play It Again Sam

One of the most affecting performers of recent memory, the incomparable Lisa Hannigan teamed up with Berlin experimental orchestra s t a r g a z e for an unforgettable performance with Live in Dublin.


JR JR / Invocations/Conversations / Love is EZ

jr jr.jpg

Joshua Epstein and Daniel Zott have been producing infectious pop tunes for ten years now. JR JR’s latest effort Invocations/Conversations continues their danceable mix of bubble gum rhythms with the synth-pop of today.

These pop geniuses are swinging through Lincoln Hall on June 13th. Tix are $20.


Apex Manor / Heartbreak City / Merge

Grown out of the ashes of Broken West, Apex Manor took their time putting together their sophomore record, and it was totally worth the wait. A love/hate letter to the city of L.A., Heartbreak City is the perfect driving record, full of shout-along choruses and fist-pumping rhythms.

apex manor.jpg


Alexa Tarantino / Winds of Change / Posi-Tone

alexa tarantino.jpg

Classic sax jazz from young phenom Alexa Tarantino. With a laundry list of top tier collaborations under her belt, she joins forces with a trio of accomplished players for her second record, Winds of Change.


Rose Hotel / I Will Only Come When It's A Yes / Rose Hotel

Mellow and sunny indie pop from Atlanta based solo artist Jordan Reynolds, Rose Hotel is a project full of ambition. I Will Only Come When It's A Yes harkens back to an era of performers when folk expanded into full-blown, orchestrated beauty.

She’s hitting Hungry Brain on June 20th with local maven Uma Bloo! Tix are $10.

rose hotel.jpg


The Gotobeds / Debt Begins at 30 / Sub Pop

the gotobeds.jpg

One of our personal favorite records of the week comes from Pittsburgh’s The Gotobeds. With Debt Begins at 30, they have poured cement on the foundation of their sound and built a beautiful indie rock monster that is unhateable.

Thanks to Sleeping Village from bringing these guys through on June 21st. Tix are $10. We can’t wait!


Eluvium / Piano Works / Temporary Residence

Known for his ambient opuses, Eluvium has surprised everyone with Piano Works, a record full of classic piano suites that makes you want to curl up with a good book and zone out to his beautiful notes.



Her Crooked Heart  / To Love To Leave To Live / Rachel Kay Rises

her crooked heart.jpg

Full of beautiful songcraft and gorgeous melodies, Her Crooked Heart’s debut record To Love to Leave to Live is a life-affirming effort full of the promise of a long and successful career.

She brings her band to The Hideout this Sunday, June 9th in support of local lovely Jessica Risker. Tix are $10.


Protovulcan / Life is Twigs / Toy Moon

From our buddies at Midwest Action comes this hard-hitting, psych-rock debut from trio Protovulcan. Life Is Twigs weaves in and out of the brain creating whole new neural pathways!

Be on the lookout for shows from this mind-warping local act!



Raveena  / Lucid / Moonstone , EMPIRE


Stunning, wistful R&B from the sultry-voiced Raveena. An extremely promising debut from the NYC-based artist, Lucid is worth a spin for anyone who digs deep grooves and slow dancing.  


Kishi Bashi / Omoiyari / Joyful Noise

The latest effort from the accomplished Athens, GA artist Kishi Bashi continues his mish mash of genre. Omoiyari is sure to fill up the heart of anyone who runs across its sonic beauty.

Kishi Bashi .jpg


Gemma / Feeling’s Not A Tempo / Double Double Whammy


Brooklyn-based electro-pop duo Gemma has done it again with their second release Feeling’s Not A Tempo. If bopping to the groove is your thing, this one deserves a spin.


Keller Williams / Add / Freeky Disc

Prolific, one-man band Keller Williams never gets old, and Add is just the latest addition to his extensive and infectious catalog.

keller williams.jpg


red steppes  / Arcs / Nika Aila , Native Cat , And Then After

red steppes.jpg

NYC artist red steppes weaves complicated narratives with beautiful anthemic choruses full of ambition. Arcs is one of those records that only gets better the deeper you dig.


Frank Iero and the Future Violents / Barriers / UNFD

Frank Iero (the famed guitarist of My Chemical Romance) delivers yet another solo collection of angsty rock that hits on all the right wavelengths. Barriers has something for everyone!

frank iero and the future violents.jpg


A-WA / Bayti Fi Rasi / La Sis , S-Curve


Yemenite-Isreali sister trio A-WA deliver once again with the electric Bayti Fi Rasi. These are the type of global jams we can’t get enough of.


Fujiya & Miyagi / Flashback  / Fujiya & Miyagi

Fujiya & Miyagi harken back to the heyday of English new wave with Flashback. Bringing in reflections of Happy Mondays, New Order, and The Stone Roses, Fujiya & Miyagi continue what they have been doing for twenty years now: creating amazingly listenable grooves with a hummable melody.

Fujiya _ Miyagi.jpg


VEUVE / Fathom / Argonauta


Italian hard rock may sound like an oxymoron, but Veuve delivers on every level with Fathom. (If you didn’t know, they are from Pordenone, a smallish river city in Northern Italy.)  


Jesse Markin  / Folk  / Jesse Markin , VILD , Playground

Cultures cross in Jesse Markin’s newest effort FOLK. The Liberian-Finnish singer/songwriter seamlessly blends hip-hop rhymes with smooth R&B. The Megaphone State rapper branches out solo, and we dig this record with complete abandon.  

Jesse Markin.jpg


Superchunk / Acoustic Foolish / Merge


To mark the 25th anniversary of their record Foolish, indie rock mainstays Superchunk have put out Acoustic Foolish, which is just what it says: an acoustic track-by-track reworking of the classic album.  

Superchunk is hitting Thalia Hall this Sunday with local noise rockers Negative Scanner in support. Tix are $25.


Urochromes / Trope House / Wharf Cat

Another rocking debut this week comes from NYC punks, Urochromes. On Trope House they roll through ten hard-hitting tracks of social commentary and spiteful observances.



Christina Holmes  / The Beautiful Struggle  / Cove House

Life-affirming folk from Christina Holmes. The Rhode Island singer songwriter tells it how it is, and her progressive sentiments on The Beautiful Struggle are just what we needed this week.