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ISSUE #57 / april 25, 2019


Insignificant Other / i’m so glad i feel this way about you / Counter Intuitive

insignificant other.jpg

DIY self described “queer pop” from Birmingham. Insignificant Other reaffirms there are excellent bands coming out of everywhere, and i’m so glad i feel this way about you is as catchy and infectious as they come.


Kayak Jones / You Swear It’s Getting Better Every Day / Kayak Jones

A stunning anthemic emo punk debut from this Dubuque, IA outfit. Kayak Jones rips onto the scene with You Swear It’s Getting Better Every Day.


Jade Bird / Jade Bird / Glassnote , AWAL

jade bird.jpg

British 21-year-old newcomer with a contemporary musical approach and themes of heartbreak and life all ages of listeners can enjoy. From not settling in a bad relationship, such as song “My Motto,” to a beautiful metaphor of her wishes when she dies in, “If I Die,” Bird has no fear showing off her vocal ranges and having just the acoustic guitar create deep emotions. She is definitely an old soul living inside a young artist lyrically and musically, showcasing this in her debut, self-titled album, Jade Bird.


Bird will be at Northerly Island with Father John Misty on June 15. Tickets start at $35.


Kelsey Lu / Blood / Columbia , Sony

Gorgeously structured R&B influenced symphonic pop from this classically trained cellist. Kelsey Lu’s debut LP Blood is one of this week’s must listens.

kelsey lu.jpg


We Are Scientists / Megaplex: Rise of the Lycans / 100%

we are scientists.jpg

A reworking of last year’s excellent synth pop masterpiece Megaplex. This new rendition finds We Are Scientists experimenting with their popular rock formula.

They are opening for Snow Patrol at The Riv on May 7th. That show is Sold Out!


JOHNNYSWIM / Moonlight / Johnnyswim , BMG

As JOHNNYSWIM Abner Ramirez and Amanda Sudano have made a career from making catchy emotional pop tunes that explore their married life, and Moonlight is their latest effort to bring their relationship to the world.

The Riv is hosting the couple on May 25th. Tix are $32.50.



The Tallest Man On Earth / I Love You. It’s A Fever Dream / Rivers / Birds , AWAL

the tallest man on earth.jpg

Swedish folkster Kristian Matsson, playing under the name The Tallest Man On Earth, has come a long way since the Bob Dylan comparisons peppered his 2008 effort, Shallow Grave. He’s slowly progressed to include a full band and a more complete sound, effectively distancing himself from the sad and lonely singer-songwriter of old. His last proper album, 2015’s Dark Bird is Home, was a rocking rumination on loss, described as it felt during the midst of the storm. It was bold and fierce and had possibly the best f-bomb drop in all of music. This year’s I Love You. It’s a Fever Dream. is a reflection of life on the road after such a life-altering event. It’s slower and subdued, sometimes giving the feeling that you’re next to him on the tour bus, staring into the nothingness as he plays a trademark spindly guitar melody. Lyrically, he’s always come across as the ultimate dreamer – spinning yarns of adventure with his head perpetually in the clouds. Ostensibly, he’s a no different in these ten tracks, but I’d argue that he’s now found a way to marvel at the endless narrative found in himself. On the upcoming tour, he’s ditching the band taking only a piano and a guitar. If you’re a fan of Dylan or ‘80s Springsteen, dive into this guy’s latest album.


The Tallest Man On Earth comes to Cadillac Theater on Saturday, September 28th. Ticketshere.


Your Heart Breaks / Drone Butch Blues / Sofaburn

An affecting folk rock record from Clyde Petersen who has been performing under Your Heart Breaks for over 20 years now and Drone Butch Blues may be their best work yet.

your heart breaks.jpg


Tim Baker / Forever Overhead / Plug Your Ears , Arts & Crafts

tim baker.jpg

Forever Overhead is the compelling solo debut of Hey Rosetta! frontman Tim Baker. A gorgeously enthralling singer/songwriter record with shades of the classic’s of the genre.


Mesadorm / Epicadus / Babylegs

Stripping down the lush arrangements of their debut Heterogaster, London based electronica act Mesodorm has released Epicadus, containing many acoustic rearrangements of tracks off last year’s debut.



Bells Atlas / the mystic / Tender Loving

bells atlas.jpg

Alt R&B is a large category and the soulful Bells Atlas falls more toward the synth pop portion and their sophomore LP the mystic is one of those rare touching records that deserves far more attention than it is likely to recieve.  


RockGati / Buddy / RockGati

Genre blending at its finest from this Connecticut outfit. RockGati mixes electronic pop, R&B, rock, and hip hop to create a fantastic hybrid on new record Buddy.



Anna Tivel / The Question / Anna Tivel

anna tival.jpg

The prolific singer/songwriter Anna Tivel’s new record The Question is a quiet and lovely sonic journey that deserves all the praise it receives.  

She is appearing at Uncommon Ground in Edgewater on May 25th. Reserve your $10 table.


Faith Eliott / Impossible Bodies / OK Pal

What a record from the Edinburgh youngster. With shades of Frankie Cosmos and Kimya Dawson, Faith Eliott’s impressive, intelligent folk on Impossible Bodies should garner some much deserved attention.

faith elliot.jpg


BATTS / The Grand Tour / BATTS , THAA


Another excellent artist out of Australia, Tanya Batt, aka BATTS, debut LP The Grand Tour contains story songs from a mature perspective.  


Elva / Winter Sun / Tapete

Dreamy folk rock from Norway duo Elva takes over their debut full length Winter Sun.  



Pamplemousse / High Strung / A Tant Rever Du Roi


A killer power trio from Reunion Island in the Indian Ocean (yes, that is really where they are from). Pamplemousse sophmore LP High Strung is just as intense and unrelenting as their self titled debut.


Shotgun Sawyer / Bury The Hatchet / Ripple

Shotgun Sawyer’s intense blues rock dominates new record Bury The Hatchet.  

shotgun sawyer.jpg


Sarah Mary Chadwick / The Queen Who Stole The Sky / Sinderlyn

sarah mary chadwick.jpg

The uncompromising originality of Melbourne’s Sarah Mary Chadwick is all over her new effort The Queen Who Stole The Sky.  


Sloan Peterson / Midnight Love, Vol. 2 / Mirror

Sydney’s Sloan Peterson is all gutsy guitar driven rock pop on Midnight Love, Vol. 2.

sloan peterson.jpg


Diane Coffee / Internet Arms / Polyvinyl

diane coffee.jpg

Straight from the mind of Bloomington, IN native Shaun Fleming, Diane Coffee not only bends genre but gender as well. Mixing synth pop and indie rock on Internet Arms creating an endearing concoction that digs its way into the brain


Ludovico Einaudi / Seven Days Walking (Day Two) / Ludovico Einaudi , Universal , Decca

Italian composer Ludovico Einaudi is now two albums into his commendable 2019 goal. Seven Days Walking is a planned seven-album set, with each “day” being released each month. April is Day Two, and it picks up where Day One left off. Inspired by the walks he would take through the Alps in the winter of 2018, each album is designed to transport the listener to the surroundings he personally experienced. He walked the same route each day, but the weather and time itself blurred the path to near unrecognizable fashion. In this, we see the theme come to life. Day Two is another pastoral album, with the twists and turns we’ve come to expect from arguably the most famous pianist working today. His repeating melodies are beautifully calming, and the understated strings are a perfect balance to what has to be one hell of a walking tour! The album features slight variations on themes present in Day One, but also features the single that was used in promotional materials- “Birdsong.” It’s a song much like others Einaudi has made his entire career that instantly conjures a feeling of familiarity and comfort. In a world of dissonance, we could all use some recurring consonant music. I doubt I’ll do reviews of each upcoming day, but when the full box set releases in the fall – be on the lookout for the full review.


Ludovico Einaudi hits Cadillac Theater on Thursday, June 6th. Ticketshere.

Ludovico Einaudi.jpg


Tech N9ne / N9NA / Strange Music

The king of indie hip hop Tech N9ne is back with an excellent collection of tunes on N9NA.

Tech N9ne heads up a crew of indie rappers at the Patio Theater
on May 12th.
Tix are $26 - $45.