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ISSUE #53 / March 28, 2019

Lafawndah / Ancestor Boy / CONCORDIA


The ultimate in genre blending, electronic musician Lafawndah’s debut full length Ancestor Boy is this week’s must listen. A potent mix of global rhythms and affecting subject matter.


Connie Constance / English Rose / AMF , Virgin , Universal

Connie Constance is another extremely talented singer/songwriter to come out of England. The 23 year old’s debut LP English Rose shows a fully fledged artist who is ready to take on the world.

connie constnace.jpg


Spiral Stairs / We Wanna Be Hyp-No-Tized / I Don’t Have One

spiral stairs.jpg

Pavement guitarist Scott Kannberg’s third album under the Spiral Stairs moniker, We Wanna Be Hyp-No-Tized is a raucous affair from start to finish. It’s clear where Pavement’s commercial appeal manifested.


The Murlocs / Manic Candid Episode / Flightless , ATO

Formed around the talents of harmonica prodigy Ambrose Kenny-Smith The Murlocs have been hitting it hard for years now and their newest effort Manic Candid Episode is a maximum R&B product in the vein of ealy Stones and The Who.  

These chaps from Melbourne are hitting Lincoln Hall on April 20th. Tix are $15 ($17doors)



Donna Grantis / DIAMONDS & DYNAMITE / eOne

donna grantis.jpg

Prince’s chosen guitar collaborator Donna Grantis has dropped her debut record DIAMONDS & DYNAMITE, a instrumental, jazz inflected affair that is as excellent as you would expect.  


Problem Daughter / Grow Up Trash / Wiretap

Salt Lake City wouldn’t seem like a bastion of punk rock creativity, but then you think about the systematic oppression of outside ideas in a mainly Mormon metropolis and it makes complete sense. Problem Daughter comes straight from Utah’s most famous city with a power punk opus in Grow Up Trash that never creeps into the overdone or staleness that can plague the genre.

problem daughter.jpg


Lambchop / This (Is What I Wanted To Tell You) / Merge


Kurt Wagner has been keeping Lambchop alive since the 90’s and his latest effort This (Is What I Wanted To Tell You) is full of intimate moments and quietly crafted beauty. Gone is the crazy country and in its place is full fledged alt R&B oddness that is strangely effective.


Draghkar / Eternal Abyss / Horror Pain Death

California’s Draghkar is an old school death metal band in a very real sense. They’re not a Death tribute like Gruesome and they’re definitely not vivisecting 90’s death metal to Frankenstein together a proto-tech death pastiche like Outer Heaven. No, Draghkar is more like Possessed if the studio they recorded 7 Churches in was an active metal institution, actively haunted... and very actively burning down. The riffs are thrashy, the beats are “d-” and the vocals are recognizably human, but barely so. And oh man is the recording quality awful (another classic touch). Eternal Abyss is a taste of death metals glory days from a band who know how to write the kind of ugly rippers that made the genre a pinnacle of grim grandeur back when every second-hand sedan had a mandatory cassette deck. Highly recommended!




Loose Wing / Loose Wing / Loose Wing

loose wing.jpg

A beyond solid debut from this Seattle indie rock quartet. Loose Wing produce solid shoegaze influenced dream poppy numbers held down by Claire Tucker’s deep croon.


Orville Peck / Pony / Sub Pop

One of the best debuts of the week comes from Nevada’s Orville Peck. A potent mix of country, shoegaze and doom pop Pony shows off his Roy Orbison reminiscent vocals and lovely musicality, all while decked out in his patented leather fringed mask and cowboy hat.

He is bringing his one of kind act to The Empty Bottle on May 3rd. Tix are $10 ($12 doors).  

orville peck.jpg


Wallows / Nothing Happens / Atlantic , Warner


The debut full length from childhood friends from the San Fernando Valley is full of pop hooks and catchy tunes. Wallows is the real deal and Nothing Happens is just the beginning.

The Metro is hosting the indie pop trio on May 15th and it is already SOLD OUT!


Aubrey Logan / Where The Sunshine Is Expensive / Resonance

A Jazz and trombone musician’s ballad of love and life in L.A all mixed into one album. Aubrey Logan’s use of contemporary jazz and soul in modern day issues such as loving a man who doesn’t by fancy things for her, but does her laundry. Logan’s Where The Sunshine Is Expensive, shows off not only her instrumental talent but her vocal artistry from high pitch scat like singing to soulful mourning like tones. Where The Sunshine is Expensive, is an excellent piece of art that relieves a classic music genre.


aubrey logan.jpg


Ritual Howls / Rendered Armour / felte

ritual howls.jpg

Somewhere between dark country, industrial, and post rock lies the sound conjured by Detroit’s Ritual Howls.  Rendered Armour is a gloomy beauty of a record that deserves far more attention that it will likely receive.

They will be at The House of Blues with The Faint on August 9th. Tix are $27.50.


Tyson Meade / Robbing The Nuclear Family / Shaking Shanghai

Legendary musician Tyson Meade has returned for his first record in five years with Robbing The Nuclear Family. The former singer of Defenestration and the Chainsaw Kittens has outdone himself on this one: the social commentary is alive and well in his rock n roll!

tyson mead.jpg


Ladada / Heaven on the Rocks / Gold Robot


The Virginia Beach quartets follow up to their self titled 2014 release is slacker rock at its most chill and melodic. Heaven on the Rocks such an easy listen it’s compelling nature just slides on by as Ladada makes it just plain work.


Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah / Ancestral Recall / Stretch , Ropeadope

As complex and interesting as a work can get. New Orleans jazz trumpeter, composer and producer Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah has produced a record so thick and lovely with Ancestral Recall. It’s a melting pot of tradition and modern sounds boiled into one vat of musical epiphany.

christian scott atunde adjuah.jpg


Dark Tea / Dark Tea / Fire Talk

dark tea.jpg

Gary Canino’s country infused folk rock under Dark Tea is infectious and addicting. His self titled full length debut is one that will continue on our playlist for months to come.  

He is hitting The Hideout on April 6th, with locals Ethers and Fran bookending.  Tix are $8 ($10 doors).


Villages / Villages / Villages

Doing for Scottish folk what many indie bands have done for bluegrass Nova Scotia’s Villages is an entertaining mix of traditional Scottish folk and modern pop rock sounds to create a whole new concoction.



Sleep In. / The Stars on Your Ceiling / Know Hope

sleep in.jpg

Coming from the bastion of emo, New Jersey; Sleep In. has been crafting emo leaning rock since 2014 and The Stars on Your Ceiling is their best work yet.


Lucy Rose / No Words Left / Lucy Rose , Arts & Crafts

The English queen of ballads Lucy Rose has produced a quietly intense, gorgeously understated, emotionally rich record with No Words Left. Prepare to be moved by this one.

lucy rose.jpg


Iron & Wine / Our Endless Numbered Days (Deluxe Edition) / Sub Pop

iron and wine.jpg

In 2004, singer/songwriter Sam Beam or Iron & Wine released album Our Endless Numbered Days, a sophomore album engraved with Beam’s poetic lyrics and solemn tone. The 20 track album contain both originals from the 2004 track list as well as 8 additional demo songs, stripped and bare with just Beam’s vocals, lyrics, and an acoustic guitar. These demo songs felt as if they were locked in a vault, waiting for their release; 15 years worth the wait.


Iron & Wine will be back and forth from the U.S and U.K but won’t stopped by Chicago.



other notable releases

We Show Up On Radar / Zanzibar Whip Coral / We Show Up On Radar

Emily Wells / This World Is Too _____ For You / Emily Wells

Para Lia / Soap Bubble Dreams / Para Lia

Tamaryn / Dreaming The Dark / DERO Aracde

Maverick Sabre / When I Wake Up / FAMM

Robin Trower / Coming Closer to the Day / Mascot , Provogue

Slow Caves / Falling / Old Flame
The trio from Fort Collins, CO is hitting up Cobra Lounge tonight! March 29th. $12.

Andrew Fox / Shock by Shock / Andrew Fox

Apparat / LP5 / Sascha Ring , Mute

Sleeper / The Modern Age / Copyright Control , Gorsky

Dream Ritual / Trips Around The Sun / Dream Ritual
Coming in from Springfield, MO they are stopping at D.C. Torium on April 13th. $10 cover.

These New Puritans / Inside The Rose / Infectious , BMG

Luther Dickinson and Sisters of the Strawberry Moon / Solstice / New West

Ghost Light / Best Kept Secrets / Ghost Light

The Sh-Booms / The Blurred Odyssey / The Sh-Booms , Limited Fanfare
See this soul funk collective at the Sub T (downstairs) on May 21st. With Get Up With the Get Downs. $10.

Terry Allen and the Panhandle Mystery Band / Pedal Steel + Four Corners / Paradise of Bachelors

Rachael Sage / PseudoMyopia / MPress
Catch her at Uncommon Ground Edgewater on June 13th. Tickets are not on sale yet.

Dean Lewis / A Place We Knew / Universal , Island
The Australian singer/songwriter grabbed a spot on this years Lolla lineup. Tix are available now.

Anteros / When We Land / Distiller

Mini Dresses / Heaven Sent / Joy Void

Crows / Silver Tongues / Balley

Thomas Lauderdale and Meow Meow / Hotel Amour / Heinz

Alexa Avina / All That I Can’t See / Alexa Avina

Flume / Hi This Is Flume / Future Classic
Also hitting Lolla this summer, producer Harley Edward Streten (aka Flume) will be tearing up Grant Park this August. Tix are available now.

Bad Suns / Mystic Truth / Bad Suns , Epitaph
They are at Lolla as well! But catch them before at House of Blues on April 27th. $31.

Cykada / Cykada / Cykada , Astigmatic

Karl Hector and The Malcouns / Non Ex Orbis /  Now-Again

Aries Mond / Cut Off / IIKKI

Crywolf / widow [OBLIVIØN Pt. I] / Okami
Producer Justin Taylor Phillips, (aka Crywolf) is bringing his show to Chop Shop on April 7th. $14.

Easy Life / Spaceships Mixtape / Easy Co. , Universal

Kate Bush / The Other Sides / Rhino