ISSUE #73 / August 22, 2019

Aunt Kelly
Ready When You Are

With pure, emotive storytelling and a sound that channels her inner Karen Carpenter, Chicago musician Kelly Hannemann follows up her self-titled EP with the classic pop vibes of Ready When You Are. From the piano-driven ballad “Who Do I Love” to the bright breakup rocker “Don’t Miss You” and beyond, Aunt Kelly knows how to pull on the heart strings and weave a compelling yarn.    

Hanneman just had her album release show at Burlington last week and doesn’t have any dates booked at the moment, but keep your ear to the ground, and we’ll try and give ya a shout when she’s got another show. 

girl k.jpg

Girl K

Girl K, releases their new song, “Settle” just ten days shy of their sold-out show opening for Bay Faction at the Subterranean. The Chicago quartet has combined emotionally-driven lyrics with high-energy guitar riffs and drums snares for a satisfying tune that leaves us wanting more! 


Girl K will be at the Subterranean on Friday, Aug 30th opening for Bay Faction. Tickets are sold out!

blacker face.jpg

Blacker Face

A shot of pure adrenaline and prophesied disaster, local art rock collective Blacker Face warns of the impending lack of fresh water and how it will lead to major catastrophe. With a full-fledged fuzz attack, a killer sax solo, and Jolene Whatevr’s signature belting vocals, “Parade” is the second single off the forthcoming Distinctive Juju, out on Sooper Records October 18th. 

Their Record Release Party is at The Hideout on October 18th. Tix are $12.

eric wallgren.jpg

Eric Wallgren
Burning City Gasoline

Self-proclaimed “Space Cowboy,” Eric Wallgren has shared the opening track for his new EP, The Flowing Burial Ground, and if the rest is as fascinating as “Burning City Gasoline,” it’s sure to grab some attention. Due out September 9th, the five-track EP features track titles like, “The Sinking of Claude Dillinger,” and “Storm of Knives,” so you know it’s gonna be a mind-gasm of epic proportions.  

He’s opening for Will Orchard at the Tonic Room for $1 beer night on September 17th! Tix are $10.


Used To Be Lonely

Soft rock duo Whitney blend indie and pop in their new single, “Used to Be Lonely,” the latest off new record Forever Turned Around, out August 30th. With the merging of indie and pop with their high-pitched vocals, their songs are a great, easy listen and make you want to slow dance with a loved one. Fun fact: Their music video for “Used to Be Lonely” was filmed in their native Chicago. 


Whitney will be at the Thalia Hall on Dec 5th-Dec 8th. Tickets start at $30.


Dry Cleaning
Sweet Princess

The debut of London quartet Dry Cleaning is a post-rock delight featuring the remarkable, poetic spoken word of newcomer Florence Shaw to punctuate their swirling choral cacophony. Sweet Princess delivers on every level and is as promising a debut as we’ve encountered all year.

boy scouts.jpg

Boy Scouts
Hate Ya 2

The reserved indie pop of Taylor Vick is a thing of beauty, and “Hate Ya 2,” the third single off her new Boy Scouts record, Free Company (out August 30th), pulls you in with its honesty and gentle play.  

She is opening for Jay Som on October 18th at Lincoln Hall. Tix are $17.

brittany howard.jpg

Brittany Howard
He Loves Me 

“He Loves Me,” the evocative new single off Brittany Howard’s debut solo effort Jamie, is a self-reflective gem. The Alabama Shakes veteran has taken it to a personal level with this release, named after her sister who passed from cancer as a teenager. We can’t wait to witness it all on September 20th.  

She’ll be at The Riv the night her record releases on September 20th. Tix are $49.50.


Surfer Blood
Hourly Haunts

Following their instant 2017 classic Snowdonia was never going to be an easy task, but Florida indie rockers Surfer Blood are up to the task with new EP Hourly Huants. An easy-going affair punctuated by John Paul Pitts’ evocative drawl and the band’s ever-present sense of new wave beat.  

Surfer Blood is playing this year’s Riot Fest on Saturday September 14th. Tix start at $49.98.

bandits on the run.jpg

River Whyless
The Pool

This Brooklyn-based, folk music inspired, trio has released a live EP, Bandits (Live at the Power Station), containing three original tracks and an homage to the late British soul singer Amy Winehouse.  The trio use their variety of vocal tones to create beautiful songs together, alongside acoustic guitars and tambourines, with tunes such as the very western-influenced “Potted Plant” and “Cowboy on the Run.”      



(Sandy) Alex G
Southern Sky

Another excellent single off (Sandy) Alex G’s upcoming record House of Sugar, coming September 13th. A free-wheeling track, “Southern Sky,” dives into the poetic dreams of its emotive protagonist.

channel tres.jpg

Channel Tres
Black Moses

Compton has long-produced some of hip-hop and soul’s most imaginative and provocative artists, and Channel Tres is surely among their number. His new EP Black Moses is every bit as evocative as last year’s self-titled phenomenon.  

He’ll be in town November 1st opening for Toro y Moi at The Riv. Tix are $30.

alex cameron.jpg

Alex Cameron
Far From Born Again

“Far From Born Again” is a classic ‘80s pop track off this talented Australians newest record, Miami Memory, out September 13th. It seems Alex Cameron is gonna make a splash with this one. 

Thalia Hall is hosting him on November 8th. Tix are $25 - $40.

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big thief.jpg
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Frankie Cosmos

The latest single off Gretta Kline and company’s new album Close It Quietly, “Wannago” continues Frankie Cosmos’ lo-fi indie pop pedigree. The full record drops September 6th.   

Swinging through Thalia Hall on September 23rd. Tix are $17 - $30.


Big Thief

With their second record of the year, indie rock mavens Big Thief are returning with the twin to this year’s excellent U.F.O.F., which was full of gorgeous melodies and ethereal feelings. On lead single “Not,” they demonstrate how Two Hands will be a much more grounded and gritty work. Coming October 11th, this new record may be their most-anticipated yet.  

Big Thief will be at the Metro on October 18th. Tix are $27.


John Coltrane 
Blue World

The first listen from the second posthumous recording of a John Coltrane Quartet. Blue World will be out in its entirety on September 27th and features McCoy Tyner on piano, Jimmy Garrison on bass, and Elvin Jones on drums.