ISSUE #72 / August 15, 2019

brbra bush.jpg

Brbra Bush
Tummy Rumbus

The third single this summer from this fantastical local collective is a chill groove made for alien love, as the cover art so wonderfully displays. Brbra Bush is constantly surprising, and “Tummy Rumbus” is just another step on the trip.  

Brbra Bush just made a rare appearance at The Empty Bottle for Midwest Action’s Showcase, and we couldn’t make it; hopefully some of you got to take in this local gem’s set- we heard it was not to be missed. 

divino nino.jpg

Pool Holograph
Stage Fright

The latest Audiotree session featuring psychedelic rockers Divino Niño, is a further entry in the stellar run for one of the most exciting bands coming up in Chicago. This live season has the band's blend of technically adventurous psychedelic rock and smooth Latin influences on full display. This is a must-listen for fans of Divino Niňo and a phenomenal entry point for newcomers. 


Divino Nino will be opening for Crumb at Thalia Hall on November 6th. Tix are $21.



A definitely NSFW tune, the subtle piano chords and R&B melody turns love into lust with cupcakKe’s moaning/singing as she describes what she would do to a man in the bedroom in new song, “Whoregasm.” CupcakKe really holds nothing back; in a world of male rap artists defining women for their bodies, she takes the cake (no pun intended) and really appreciates men sexually. It is a fun song to listen to, but please not at work, ladies. 




Misery” is the second rocking single off Michagander’s new EP Where Do We Go From Here set to drop September 13th.

junius meyvant.jpg

Júníus Meyvant
Rearview Paradise EP

Icelandic singer/songwriter Júníus Meyvant comes bearing a message of love and connection in the form of his latest EP, Rearview Paradise. Meyvant’s work continues to be rich in melodies and deep, emotional songwriting, but does not compromise on complexity or hypnotic instrumentals. It is, indeed, a gorgeous and all-too-brief collection that leaves the listener deeply satisfied. 



Hammered Hulls
Written Words EP

When we heard that Mary Timony (Ex Hex / Wild Flag) and Alec MacKaye (Untouchables / The Faith) were teaming up with Mark Cisneros (Deathfix) and Chris Wilson (Ted Leo / Hound) for a new project called Hammered Hulls, we were more than excited, and their first EP Written Words brings all we hoped to fruition. Three burners that are everything we expected. 


One Bad Actor 

There’s no accounting for experience, and with One Bad Actor, the lead track from upcoming Morning In America, Mudhoney shows little wear in their 30-plus years together. This track, a sneering, grunge-heavy takedown of anyone the band feels like, is every bit as sharp and incisive as Mudhoney has produced. 


tiny moving parts.jpg

Tiny Moving Parts
Bloody Nose 

If second single “Bloody Nose” is any indication the Minnesota emo trio, Tiny Moving Parts, is set to drop yet another killer album in breathe, duo out September 13th.


Mister Impossible

“Mister Impossible”, the latest single from dream pop duo, Phantogram, is the kind of track that we’ve come to expect from them: smooth, seductive, and infectiously cool. This is a sure sign that the hit-machine is poised to roll on with their forthcoming fourth album, due out soon. 


the big moon.jpg

The Big Moon
It’s Easy Then

This quartet out of London is back with “It’s Easy Then,”their first single since 2017’s debut Love in the 4th Dimension. The Big Moon sits right alongside Hinds, Dream Wife, and HAIM as the present and future of pop rock.  



Last year’s Cranberry was an excellent effort from Austin duo Hovvdy, and now they’re back with Heavy Lifter (out October 18th). Lead single “Cathedral” is our melancholy jam to finish out the summer! 

The Empty Bottle is hosting them on August 26th with Lomelda (co-headlining) and Ghost Orchard in support. How is this not sold out yet, Chicago?! Get on them $12 tix!


Never Know

The four goddesses of Rock ’n’ Roll, Thunderpussy have released new track “Never Know,” and it is packed with guitar riffs and beautiful vocals from Molly Sides. Just in time before their new EP Milk It drops this fall. Thunderpussy never disappoints, especially in this new head-banging track.  


Thunderpussy will be at Reggies this Friday 8/16. Tickets are $15.


Failed Gods

The fifth album from Canadian post-hardcore band, Sparrows, Failed Gods is here to smash through your sound system with their signature brand of melodic harmonies and brutal instrumentals. The band is undeterred by dark subject matter and dark soundscapes as they continue to inject a definitive and compelling sense of evil and transgression into these tracks. The content ranges from bleak to cynical, to outright angry, but it never veers into absurd or insincere. This is a hard-charging and exciting set of tracks to get the blood flowing. 


jay som.jpg

Jay Som
Nighttime Drive

Indie rock singer/songwriter Jay Som's latest track, Nighttime Drive, is an airy and ethereal entry for an artist who is poised for a breakout after appearing at this year's Pitchfork. The song itself, punctuated by a gorgeous violin solo, is a melancholy piece that manages to capture the feeling of drifting off on an endless road through an endless night. 


Jay Som will be at Schuba’s on October 18th. Tix are $17.


Death Valley Girls
Dream Cleaver

An infectious psych-pop opus in praise of Terrence McKenna and his “spirit molecule,” LA’s Death Valley Girls have done it again with “Dream Cleaver.”


You’re Either On Something

“You’re either on something or you’re on to something / I guess we find out tomorrow..” What a glistening chorus from the English gods of psych-pop, Temples. The newest single from Hot Motion, due September 27th. 

Halloween with Temples at the Metro! How the . . . there are still tickets for this . . . Chicago, you disappoint us. Get ‘em now for $27.75.


Spilled Milk 1 EP

Dreamville member Bas returns with four fun jamming tracks in his new EP, Spilled Milk 1. Bas did not come alone, recruiting fellow label members, EARTHGANG, JID, and Ari Lennox, alongside producer/artist duo Falcons and B. Lewis with Kiddominant. This EP brings the smooth dance instrumental Bas is known for in songs “Amnesia” and “Nirvana” while mixing more rep and bass- heavy melodies in “Fried Rice.” Bas continues to make his label proud with his versatility, showing how different he can be in just four different tracks.   



Lana Del Rey
Looking For America and Season of the Witch

A moving protest ballad from a musician who has found a home in mature songwriting after early pop stardom. Lana Del Rey is constantly surprising us and her chilled out cover of “Season Of The Witch” for the Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark soundtrack is just pure fun.