ISSUE #68 / july 18, 2019

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Kara Jackson
A Song for Every Chamber of the Heart

This local award-winning poet has released her first collection of songs, and it’s gripping, emotional, and downright beautiful. Kara Jackson is a Chicago treasure, and A Song for Every Chamber of the Heart deserves to be lifted up as a piece of art.


Valleys (My Love)

We’re waiting in deep anticipation for Forever Turned Around, due August 30th. The follow-up to local folk rocker contingent Whitney’s celebrated Light Upon The Lake. “Valleys (My Love)” is the second single, and it’s no accident it came out the week of their Pitchfork set, which is sure to feature quite a few tracks off the new record.

Whitney is playing Pitchfork this Sunday at 6:15 on the Green Stage.



This basher from local irreverent rapper cupcakKe dropped while we were on holiday hiatus, and we slept on it. But it came across our ticker this week, and we just can’t get enough of “Ayesha.”


Jay Som

The second single from Jay Som’s upcoming album Anak Ko drops August 23rd. A breezy track full of her signature moody layers, “Tenderness” has us stoked to hear more new songs at her Pitchfork set this Saturday. 

Jay Som is playing the Blue Stage at 4PM this Saturday at Pitchfork.

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Alice Phoebe Lou
A Place of My Own (Mahogany Sessions)

Hailing all the way from South Africa is the eclectic mix of jazz/indie rock and electronics with ambient vocals in this MTV unplugged-esque EP,  A Place of My Own (Mahogany Sessions).  Taking tracks from her Paper Castles, Alice Phoebe Lou packs these songs with saxophones, guitars, and trickles of electronic tones and beats.



Liz Cooper And The Stampede
Live in Chicago EP

A four-track sample of the beauty and revelation of Liz Cooper & the Stampede recorded right here in our windy city. 


ley lines

Four singles band together to create flor’s beautifully melodic, soft techno/pop beats with harmonious vocals and intriguing lyrics for EP Ley Lines. Listeners can hear keys from synthesizers and the tap of a tambourine mixed with guitars and drums as singer Zach Grace sings about love and loss.  


flor will be at the Bottom Lounge on Oct 1, tickets start at $18.


Luna Luna
Feelings in Me

Get down with your honey to this neo-soul track from Dallas’ Luna Luna. This all-Hispanic crew crafts danceable, Latin-infused grooves you can’t refuse. Be on the lookout for their new EP, but until then, let the sparks fly with last year’s For Lovers Only


Jenny Hval
Ashes to Ashes

“Ashes to Ashes” is the lead single from Norweigian noir-pop goddess Jenny Hval’s The Practice of Love, due September 13th. If this track is any indication, the record will be a bit more upbeat and danceable than the epic Blood Bitch of three years ago.


Orions Belte
Slim EP 

We just couldn’t resist featuring another Norwegian act this week in Orions Belte. Their new EP Slim is a bluesy, disco beat gem that is sure to work its way into your next dance mix.