ISSUE #62 / may 30, 2019

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Gia Margaret

You’re not going to please everyone in life. And most of what is expected of you is someone else's desires that they hope to see you validate (or at worst, fulfill for them.) Disappointing others in small ways so that you can live with a clear conscious is a hard lesson, but it’s one that Gia Margaret is ready to school you on with her latest single, “Babies.” Originally recorded as a demo, it is being released as a stand-alone single in conjunction with the reissue of her debut album, There’s Always a Glimmer. The driftless tune depicts Margaret’s frustration with others’ attempts to redirect her goals and keep her eyes on her biological clock. It beautifully captures how weighty protections and societal expectations can cause someone to feel unmoored from their own lives, severing the chain that anchored them near shore and sending them washing out to sea. If you’re going to have to disappoint someone, it best not be yourself.


Gia Margaret does not have any current plans to visit the midwest.

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Middle Kids
New Songs For Old Problems EP

An excellent follow up to last year’s devastatingly good Lost Friends, new EP New Songs For Old Problems finds Sydney trio Middle Kids up to their dreamy indie rock antics yet again.

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Hot Water Music
Shake Up The Shadows EP

It’s been a few years since the world has heard from Gainsville, FL rocking hardcore outfit, Hot Water Music. Shake Up The Shadows finds the punk vets in pure HWM form.  

Riot Fest is having them for the 15th annual fest in Douglas Park September 13th - 15th. Get Your Tix Now!

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PJ Harvey
The Crowded Cell

PJ Harvey’s new song,  “The Crowded Cell,” is an honest depiction of state-sponsored terror. It was written to soundtrack the new BBC series, The Virtues, in collaboration with director Shane Meadows. For three minutes, Harvey leads the listener through the dampened, dimmed hallways and interrogation rooms of a nameless building acting as an extension of a justice system of a nation with much too much plausible deniability with her inimical vocal resonance. The subject is beaten, demoralized, and eventually tossed back out into the streets after their captures find no more use for them. With a single guitar delivery, both rhythm and percussion, the song is much heavier then seems possible. Baring on its shoulders all of the sins committed in this nation and others in the name of “law and order,” it seems to grow in strength under the weight of such oppression. The system may claim another victim, and another, and another, but the resolute tone that the song ends on assures us that for every person these institutions savage, an ally has been made to the person whom it savaged before. A change will come, and it will be brought by hands that had their fingernails plucked out in close confinement, in a crowded cell.


PJ Harvey doesn’t appear to have an current touring plans.


Adrenaline EP

Brand new hardcore quartet Adrenaline comes bursting forth with their self-titled debut EP. Long a haven of hardcore, Baltimore has another heavy to add to their impressive punk resume.


Mannequin Pussy
Who You Are

We’re counting down the clock to June 21st when Philly rockers Mannequin Pussy drop their new record Patience. The latest single, “Who You Are,” dropped last week, and it only whet our appetite for more.

Mannequin Pussy is swinging through Schubas on September 11th. Tix are $12.


You Don’t Exist EP

Down and dirty punk rock straight from NYC, Surfbort are unrelenting with these four speed-infused tunes that are over within five and a half minutes. You Don’t Exist is all levels in-your-face, snotty-nosed punk rock!  


Ekera EP

A euro-afro-psych fusion explosion Azmari hails from the international ethos of Brussels, and their debut EP Ekera is a jazzy bomb of imaginative afro funk.


Miya Folick
Malibu Barbie

We fell in love with Miya Folick after her debut full length Premonitions hit last year. “Malibu Barbie” is her first work since, and while it doesn’t capture the freshness her debut had, it’s still one damn good tune.

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Lukas Nelson and The Promise of the Real
Turn Off The News (Build A Garden)

The young Nelson sounds more like his pops than ever with the title track to The Promise of the Real’s new record, out June 14th.

Thalia Hall is hosting the Americana specialists on September 26th. Tix are $29.


Kyle Craft
Broken Mirror Pose

Leaning into a more glam mode in the past several years, one-time folk rocker Kyle Craft comes up with an Elton-style swinger on “Broken Mirror Pose,” the second single from Showboat City, out July 12th.

Craft is hitting The Empty Bottle on July 18th. Tix are $12.


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