ISSUE #60 / May 16, 2019

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The Curls
Lemon Lime

The final single from the anticipated new release from Chicago art-rock collective The Curls before their anticipated third record Bounce House hits June 7th. “Lemon Lime” breaks down by the end of the tune into a madness-inducing synth explosion that leaves us hungering for more.

Rumors about a lineup shift are accompanied with no currently planned shows. Will we see a revamped The Curls this summer?

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xyz EP

RIP NE-HI. The Chicago indie-rock quartet called it quits last week with the release of this final three-song EP. With Jason Balla concentrating on Dehd full time and the rest of the members involved in projects of their own, it was time to put NE-HI to bed, and X Y Z is a fitting conclusion.   

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Wreath of Hogs
They’re Not Paintings E.P.

The indie-rock stylings of Chicago trio Wreath of Hogs weaves its way into your brain before settling there and creating a home to thrive. Their debut recording They’re Not Paintings is a spare affair that serves as the perfect home for Andrew Rolfsen’s croon to settle in among the pumping bass and jangled guitars.


Gia Margaret
Smoke - Acoustic

An acoustic version of the ethereal tune from Chicago electro folker Gia Margaret’s excellent There’s Always Glimmer. “Smoke” hits just right as an acoustic ballad.  


Prom Dress

Infectious as ever, Bay Area teen phenom Maia (aka mxmtoon) does it again with the extremely hummable and adorable “Prom Dress.”


Flying Lotus

L.A. producer Flying Lotus releases third track, More,” featuring artist Anderson .Paak. With a repeating message in the underlying chorus just on top of this smooth outer-space, funk-mixed beat, Flying Lotus drifts into existential query to explore whether there is more to life than oneself, and .Paak layers his own lyricism of love and leaving materialism behind. Big fans of the anime, Cowboy Bebop will also appreciate Flylo’s collaboration with the anime’s Director Shinichiro Wantanabe in the music video for the track. The 27-track ‘Flamagra’ is due out May 24th via Warp Records.



Mercedes Marxist

Straight off a world tour, Bristol punk darlings Idles have returned to the studio after last year’s excellent Joy As An Act Of Resistance. “Mercedes Marxist” is the first track they’ve dropped, and its as burning as anything they’ve released.  

They are gracing Lollapalooza with their presence on Friday of the massive Grant Park festival.

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Annie Booth

The phenomenal English singer/songwriter Annie Booth returns following her 2017 debut An Unforgiving Light with Spectral. An EP that continues the intimate mood and personal touches that have made her an act to look out for.


Dawn Landes
My Tiny Twilight

A NewYork-by-Louisville singer/songwriter that embraces country, folk, and indie rock as one, Dawn Landes has been going strong for over a decade now, and My Tiny Twilight shows her excellent range is still as broad as ever.

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Jehne Aiko
Triggered (freestyle)

A freestyle track with a soulful piano melody and soft vocals with a very heavy topic lyrically, “Triggered” is a song about a bitter woman drawing emotions from past relationships. Rapper and singer Jhene Aiko reflects the anger from these relationships, using threatening language, and letting her ex know what she is capable of while letting herself know when to calm down and not let it get to that point. Her beautiful voice doesn’t change much in showing her anger, but with her menacing lyrics prove she is upset. This song will be in her upcoming album, rumored to release this year.  



A Gaze Among Them

Big and bold should be the name of this crunchy long-form heavies from Montreal. BIG|BRAVE is just plain badass, and A Gaze Among Them is a testament to that fact.  

They are swinging through the SubT on June 25th. Tix are $10.

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Jackie Cohen

This honest and bold record from L.A. musician Jackie Cohen should go on every must-listen list from this week. As she says, “Zagg is me, my name, and this record is my first real, intentional, nearly unabashed step toward being myself confidently out in the world.”


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