ISSUE #56 / April 18, 2019

spencer radcliffe _ Everyone else.jpg

Spencer Radcliffe & Everyone Else
Here Comes The Snow

The first single off the local indie folk rockers Spencer Radcliffe & Everyone Else’s new record Hot Spring (out May 17th) is a mellow, rolling affair that brings a bluesy element to the light and airy feel.

Radcliffe just played The Hungry Brain this weekend and has no dates planned as of yet, we are sure there will be an album release show announcement in the near future.

flesh panthers.png

Flesh Panthers
Holy Roller

A new single from local blues rock outfit Flesh Panthers is always a joy, and “Holy Roller” doesn’t disappoint as the catchy, rough harmonized chorus burrows it’s way into your brain.

They were just at Sleeping Village last week to support Night Beats and don’t have another Chicago date in the near future.

aldous harding.jpg

Aldous Harding
Fixture Picture

Aldous Harding lends the soft brush of her croon to this string driven parcel of jangle. It’s one of those tracks that is intimate in presentation, but not afraid to communicate it’s desire for space. A delicate tension hooks the weaving of these tracks together like a cloth finger trap. Once you’re there you can’t get out. The way through is to lean into the delicacy of the snare Harding has set for you.


Aldous Harding’s new album Designer will be out on April 26 on 4AD/Flying Nun.

prob cause.png

Prob Cause / The Belief Cycle

A personal protest track from the local MC Probcause and Midwest Electro pop duo The Belief Cycle. Chill and substantive is right up our ally.

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Charly Bliss
Hard to Believe

Another pop rock gem from the burgeoning masters of the genre. Charly Bliss’ new record Young Enough, is due out May 10th and we CAN NOT WAIT!

Eva Hendricks and the boys are coming to Lincoln Hall on June 15th! Tix are $15.


Courtney Barnett
Everybody Here Hates You

Although singing with an impassive tone, and with guitars and drum melodies to match, Australian singer Courtney Barnett sings about something deeper than what her bored to death tone might lead one to believe. With a grunge beat, the singer talks about a break up and the emotions someone feels after such an event. Barnett’s feelings of insecurity are honest and relatable to listeners that might be going through the same thing.  Although, in the song she’s being convinced by the other person that is it all in her head, the song title, “Everybody Here Hates You”, does the lyrics justice for someone trying to convince her what she is feeling is wrong.  With simplistic lyrics that create powerful meaning, “Everybody Here Hates You”, is a natural reaction for an event that happens to most everyone.


black belt eagle scout.jpg

Black Belt Eagle Scout
Loss & Relax

A gorgeous tune from Katherine Paul that pulls at all the right heart strings. Black Belt Eagle Scout scores with “Loss & Relax.”

She is coming to Schubas on May 8th in support of Julia Jacklin. That show is Sold Out.

yours truly.jpg

Yours Truly
Afterglow EP

Yet another killer outfit out of Sydney. The Australians just have their finger on the pulse of rock at the moment and Yours Truly hits it out of the park with Afterglow.

shit girlfriend.jpg

Shit Girlfriend
Dress Like Cher

Fuzzy, dirty, and downright addictive, Shit Girlfriend only have a few singles out but the London garage rock duo just destroy on each and every one.

thank you scientist.jpg

Thank You Scientist

A tease for their third album, Sci-Fi loving progressive band Thank You Scientist return with full band, trumpets and all, for their new song FXMLDR.  An homage to Fox Mulder from the X-Files, the band, as well as the character’s romance for the unknown and aliens, is lyrically described while the bands continues to give listeners a break from the words to enjoy a jazz sax solo before ending in a powerhouse of guitar, drum and trumpet thrash against lead singer’s Salvatore Marrano’s high vocals.


Thank You Scientist will be at the Sleeping Village on April 24th. Tix are $20 ($25 doors).


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