ISSUE #49 / february 28, 2019

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The Curls
Isn’t It Funny (feat. Sophagus)

The lead single from the local art rock collective The Curls’ new record Bounce House, features plenty of Jen Marshall’s smooth sax and a call and response between vocalist Mick, Anna Holmquist and guest Sophagus. “Isn’t It Funny” is an all around excellent track that is sure to get fans fired up for the new record!

You can catch The Curls next week at The Hideout’s Annual SXSW Sendoff. March 8th starting at 4PM. $10 at the door. And this Saturday at Cafe Mustache at 10PM.


Fire’s Dead

This new wavey track from locals, and impossible to pin down act, Woongi is the first single off Rip’s Cuts, their new record on local imprint Sooper, due out May 10th. “Fire’s Dead” seems straight from the eighties but in typical Woongi style begins to break down and become something totally different by the tunes end.

Woongi is hitting Cole’s next Saturday, March 8th opening for Little Church! Starts at 10PM!
And they already have their record release show scheduled at The Empty Bottle on May 13th!

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Ezra Furman
Songs By Others

A covers EP by the Chicago born and bred singer/songwriter that seems him do Beck, LCD Soundsystem, Arcade Fire and more. Songs By Others shows Ezra Furman’s versatility and imagination, reworking  these tracks to fit his illusive style.

He has no hometown shows planned as of now.

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Freddie Gibbs & Madlib
Flat Tummy Tea

A new swirling track from Chi-town born hip hop vet Freddie Gibbs, once again teaming up with his resurgence producer partner Madlib. Political, visceral, and hard hitting, “Flat Tummy Tea” hits in all the right ways. A first taste of what’s to come on their new record Bandana.

Gibbs was just at Park West in December, and these two currently have no tour plans.


a modern tragedy vol. 2

grandson owes much to those that came before, but he is carrying on the protest rock flag with abandon and a sense of purpose. a modern tragedy vol. 2 is a fitting companion to the first volume, continuing his berating of society and the systematic oppression that drags us all down.

He’s coming to Reggie’s on March 12th. No surprise here that it is Sold Out.



Ellen Kempner returns with this haunting indie rock track. Palehound just keeps getting better and “Killer” shows just how addictive their sound can become.

They are opening for Big Thief at The Metro on October 18th. Tix go on sale tomorrow at 10am.



Straight from the Big Apple, Sharkmuffin plays it loose and heavy with “Serpentina,” the first single off new record Gamma Gardening, due out April 5.

Too bad they aren’t swinging through on their way to SXSW!


You’d Think So but You’d Be Wrong EP

Solo rocker Matt Hawkins, aka Avenade, hails from right down the road in Bloomington, IL. His psych-garage indie rock mixture just keeps rolling. Intense from start to finish, You’d Think So but You’d Be Wrong packs an impressive punch.

We couldn’t locate any show dates for Avenade but if any crop up we’ll let you know.

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Major Murphy
Lafayette EP

An inspiring bit of beauty from this Michigan indie rock trio, Lafayette is six tracks of demo material and a few finished tracks they recorded in a house in Grand Rapids while songwriter Jacob Bullard was “discovering his voice.” Major Murphy is bound for indie darling status after last yeas excellent No. 1.

Major Murphy doesn’t have any Chicago dates planned as of now.

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Jetty Bones
-  EP

The solo project of Ohio’s Kelc Galluzzo, Jetty Bones produces 90’s influenced indie rock that hits in all the right ways. Catchy hooks and three chord breezy tunes mixed with her emotive lyrics makes - a  revelatory record.

Currently on tour, she sadly has no Chicago dates on her slate.


What You Heard

Grammy award nominated and R&B singer Brent Faiyaz alongside producers Atu and Dpat collaborate and create R&B group Sonder, a group that merges R&B beats with Faiyaz’s soulful vocals.  The newly release song “What you Heard” is a blend of a smooth melody, Faiyaz’s lustful lyrics and vocals enticing a woman into intimacy. About halfway into the song, the melody changes into a nostalgic traditional 90s R&B beat, slower than what artists use now, creating a song fans from different musical generations can recognize.


Sonder will not be in Chicago, but they are touring the U.S and hope to see them here sometime soon

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Buck Meek
Halo Light

A gorgeous, calming tune from the Big Thief guitarist. Buck Meek has shown before that he can capture the same tender moments as his band, and “Halo Light” is truly something special.

He was just at Schubas last Tuesday but he’ll return with Big Thief in October at The Metro. Tix go on sale tomorrow at 10am!

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Nilufer Yanya

An electro track from the normally guitar heavy English musician Nilüfer Yanya. Yet another single from her new record Miss Universe set to drop March 22nd.

We’re positive she’ll schedule a headlining Chicago stop as soon as the album comes out; however, she did just open for Sharon Van Etten at Thalia this month.

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Catch Pritchard
Utter Disbelief EP

A second haunting EP from Sawyer Gebauer, who has been putting out tunes as Catch Pritchard since returning after a stint in Europe headlining Brittsommar. Part gothic synth pop and part balladier, Utter Disbelief reflects Gebauer’s mixture of influences with perfect appeal.

It doesn’t look like he is hitting the road for this one quite yet.

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Rat City (feat. Isak Heim)
Kind of Love

European EDM DJs Rat City warm up winter blues with new single, “Kind of Love” with collaborating vocals from Isak Heim.  The group bring a more techno/dance upbeat melody typical of EDM music. The intense bass and range of sound flares are dropped, and a more techno-pop beat, (the kind that gained popularity and in the late ‘90s and early 2000s,) is brought into the mix of Isak Heim’s soulful vocals. “Kind of Love” is a man stuck in a woman’s lustful trance, and he wants something more meaningful with her than she does, but he won’t accept it if she can’t give it to him. This song has all the right elements to steer away from traditional EDM and open up the floodgates to different types of sound waves within the genre.   


No tour announced. Hopefully they will be in the states this summer.

Hot 8 Brass Band.jpg

Hot 8 Brass Band
Take Cover EP

Just in time for Mardi Gras this Crescent City based act comes out with yet another release of tunes to party the night away. Hot 8 Brass Band is just what you would expect from New Orleans and Take Cover is just a sample of what the Big Easy has to offer.


They don’t appear to be making it out of New Orleans anytime soon. Would you leave?


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