ISSUE #48 / february 21, 2019

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Pivot Gang
Jason Statham, Pt. 2

The Chicago hip hop collective’s second proper single dropped on Friday with a great video. Made up of Saba, his brother Joseph Chilliams, MfnMelo, brothers FrshWaters and SqueakPIVOT, and producers daedaePIVOT and Dam Dam, they’ve been dropping Soundcloud tunes for years. But with Saba breaking out and losing member John Walt (aka DinnerWithJohn) in 2017, Pivot Gang has a renewed spark that drives this track.

Still on a world tour, Saba isn’t playing Chicago anytime soon, and we couldn’t find any listings for the other artists. We’ll just have to hope they all get together for a show once their star comes home.



A rolicking five tracks from this Brighton, UK quartet who combine the rolling beat of ‘50s rock with an indie-rock aesthetic to create a modern time-machine quality,  FUR lies somewhere between dream pop and rockabilly- a mixture that works surprisingly well!

It doesn’t appear they are making their way stateside soon.


Weyes Blood

Her second single off new record Titanic Rising, “Everyday” may mark a change in Natalie Mering’s sound, moving in a more pop-oriented direction.

She just played Midwinter last weekend, but we expect a return after the new record drops April 5th.


Jenny Lewis
Heads Gonna Roll

A moving ballad from Indie queen, Jenny Lewis. Her latest single from new record On The Line- due out March 22nd.

She is rolling through The Riv on March 30th. Tix are $35.

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Marlene Oak
Silver Moon EP

Swedish singer/songwriter Marlene Oak produces a very effective debut studio EP with Silver Moon. Her low husky vocals fit the dreamy country-tinged folk like a glove. These are love songs for the hopeful hearted.

She doesn’t seem to be on tour at the moment, but we could see her swinging through Schubas soon.

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Catfish and the Bottlemen

Indie rock band Catfish and the Bottlemen understand the countless nights performing and working as artists trying to make it in the world. In this lifestyle, successful relationships (especially intimate ones) are rare. Catfish’s new song, Fluctuate is a dedicated love song as lead singer Van realizes what love is as his significant other is stays up waiting for him on those late nights. With an amazing guitar solo, a harder rock melody, and Van’s singing loudly to match the band’s tone, “Fluctuate” is a man coming to find love, and the good it has done him, even with a busy schedule.


Catfish and the Bottlemen won’t be in Chicago any time soon, but they release their new album, The Balance, on April 26


Additional Futures EP

Matt Hales returns with his first new collection of tunes in four years. The British songwriter known as Aqualung has produced a rather stunning EP with Additional Futures, an electro pop opus that ends just as it gets rolling, leaving us wanting more. Nice trick Hales. What’s next?

Aqualung is currently not on tour.

bec stevens.jpg

Bec Stevens
Why Don’t You Just EP

Australian artists just keep impressing and Bec Stevens pulls no punches with Why Don’t You Just. From raw emotive in “Fuck This Up” to the nostalgia fueled “They Don’t Build Cars Like This Anymore,” Stevens shows off her songwriting chops.

Here’s hoping this quality release leads to some shows stateside.

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Broken Social Scene
Let’s Try The After Vol. 1 EP

Did any band set the tone for 21st century indie rock more than Broken Social Scene? The Canadian collective has released a new EP with, hopefully, more to come. (Vol. 1 means there is a  Vol. 2 right?)

Wouldn’t be surprised to see them pop up on the Pitchfork lineup, which is due out anytime now.

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The Budos Band
Old Engine Oil

The Afrobeat collective out of Staten Island shifts gears a bit with this rocking guitar track from new record V, releasing on April 12th. The Budos Band is stupendous, as in stupid good. (Spend some time checking out their catalog, and you’ll soon agree.)

We’re hoping a summer festival picks this righteous nine-piece up for a set.


Boy / Girl

The latest track off the British trip hop outfit HÆLOS new record Any Random Kindness. If the three singles so far are any indication, we’re all in for a treat this May.

Lincoln Hall is hosting them on March 28th. Tix are $20 ($25 doors).

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Social Club Misfits

Christian rap duo Social Club Misfits release airy, fast-paced hip hop single “Everytime,” just in time for their tour across the United States. Although they heavily reflect on their pasts, losing friends, and the struggles of keeping up with their faith, each verse ends on a positive note of finding inner peace, celebrating their rap careers, and the circles they keep. The song is fun and has a lot of underground hip hop influences from the beat to the style as well as incorporating mainstream influences.


Social Club Misfits will be in Elgin, IL at the Discovery Church on March 23rd. Tickets are sold here and range from $20-$40.  



Two legends of the game, Slimkid3 (The Pharcyde) and DJ Nu-Mark (Jurrasic 5) team up to form TRDMRK. Their debut EP features Austin Antoine on the mic and is an old-school jam if we’ve ever heard one.

(Praying for a slot at Pitchfork or North Coast this summer. These are two cats we need to see live!)


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