ISSUE #47 / february 14, 2019

flesh panthers.jpg

Flesh Panthers  

A swinging ballad number from Chicago rockers Flesh Panthers. Possibly their mellowest song we’ve ever heard. It’s refreshing to hear them so sensitive, we’re sure they’ll make up for it the next time out.

We feel like they are gearing up for something big. They seem to be laying low after their Bottle gig last month. Be on the lookout for more new stuff!

jamilla woods.jpg

Jamila Woods

Chicago soul queen Jamila Woods returns with new funky single “ZORA”. The first off her new record LEGACY! LEGACY!, set to drop May 10th. The follow up to 2017’s breakout record HEAVN.

Ms. Woods has no current show plans on the horizon but here is the “Zora” video to tide you over.

flat worms.jpg

Flat Worms
Into the Iris  - EP

Damn this a great follow up to their self titled debut. The West Coast garage punk “supergroup” Flat Worms slams it into full gear with the killer six tunes on Into the Iris.

They currently have no tour plans in support of this one.

pablo dylan.jpg

Pablo Dylan
The Finest Somersault - EP

With his grandfather's cadence and knack for telling off beat stories, Pablo Dylan shares his debut solo EP with the world. The Finest Somersault captures the beginning of what could become a storied career.

He has no tour plans at the moment.

Lucky Daye.png

Lucky Daye

Singer-songwriter Lucky Daye recently released EP II;  a combination of R&B and 70s funk melodies and Daye’s singing/rapping vocal blend. The first song from the EP, “Karma” has a beat very similar to Ginuwine’s “Pony”. While the singer describes a girl named Karma, Daye sings about being with her lustfully but doesn’t want to be tied up emotionally, but because Daye leads her on, the lyrics state, “she won’t stop coming around”. Daye experiments with auto tune in the second track “Paint It.” At first I thought it was another singer, but after hearing it again, I caught the auto tune was  Daye’s voice. The funk melody and Daye’s autotuned voice in the beginning while he raps in the middle of the song, is a great experimentation to the EP creating variety in the singer’s musical artistic range. The EP is a fun listen, and Lucky Daye creates so much depth musically in the 4 track EP with the melodies and his vocal range.


Lucky Daye will be at the Concord on March 3, tickets are $25 but are sold out.

ex hex.jpg

Ex Hex
Tough Enough

The lead track and second single off Ex Hex’s upcoming It’s Real, due out March 22nd. The power trio’s follow up to debut Rips is poised to push the boundaries of their garage rock sound.

They are swinging through Tahlia Hall on April 10th. Tix are going for $20.

charly bliss.jpg

Charly Bliss

Another single from the NYC quartet’s new record Young Enough, “Capacity” shows Charly Bliss doesn’t always have to rock out to reach perfection.

They just played Lincoln Hall last month as part of TNK Fest, we don’t expect them back till the summer.

calling all captains.jpg

Calling All Captains
Nothing Grows Here - EP

With strong guitar riffs, a badass drumming melody, and almost screaming vocals, Calling All Captains have brought early 2000’s emo/pop-punk music back to the late 2010s. The band’s 3rd EP, Nothing Grows Here, has 5 tracks that bring back emotions of relationships and self esteem issues with a hard-core sound and chilling lyrics.  Disheartening break up songs such as “Fools Gold,” “Out of My Head,” and “Nothing Grows Here,” burst through the seams with emotional lyrics and melodies. Similarly, the songs “Chasing Ghosts” and “Disconnected” relay themes of self doubt.  Like traditional emo and pop punk bands, Calling All Captains know how to play the heart strings of their listeners and yet still make songs you can dance and mosh to.


Calling All Captains will be in Illinois for 2 nights! On March 9th, they will be in Barrington, IL at the Nightstop, and on March 11th, they will be in Bloomington,IL. Still no prices on tickets but you can go to the band’s website and RSVP.

pet shop boys.jpg

Pet Shop Boys
Agenda - EP

The new irony filled EP from the English electro pop legends Pet Shop Boys has tracks like “Give stupidity a chance” and “What are we going to do about the rich?” Never ones to shy away from criticising society, Agenda doesn’t shy away from asking blunt and pertinent questions.  

No U.S. dates are on their current slate.

fontaines dc.jpg

Fontaines D.C.

Another killer track coming from the Dublin punks on upcoming record Dogrel, dropping April 12th. Their debut promises to be insane! We can’t wait! Fontaines D.C. harkens back to so many Irish and English punks we were raised on.

It seems they have some dates in the U.S. in the spring but nothing in Chicago.

anna of the north.jpg

Anna of the North
Leaning On Myself

European singer/songwriter Anna of the North debuts her first song since her 2017 album, Lovers. A soft electronic track with a muted upbeat, “Leaning On Myself” is a subtle hint of loneliness but only at the singer’s bidding.  Although Anna starts the song, “I don’t see my friends no more, at all/ Ever since I let you go, you know,”  hinting a breakup from both her friendships and relationships. She sings of a newfound freedom, and it sounds like she’s ok with it.  This song it a very different breakup song, for it talks about the positive reaction one has with themselves, especially when she says she doesn’t want to feel the way she felt when she was in those moments.     


Anna of the North will be in Washington DC, California, and Boston. Hopefully we will see her in Chicago over the Summer and possibly get  a second album.

khalid and disclosure.jpg

Khalid and Disclosure

Dj duo Disclosure and singer Khalid collaborate to create a smooth yet fun electronic beat to offset Khalid’s vocal melody in“Talk.” After releasing Suncity EP,  “Talk” is a great continuing teaser for fans to appreciate before a new album drops. A relationship song Khalid asks if the other person feels the same way as he does, in hopes that he is not moving fast.  With the mellow electronic beat and Khalid's low and high vocals, it’s a very sweet song, especially for Valentines.


Nothing scheduled for the artists to come to Chicago, but hopefully we will hear a new album and new tour dates soon.


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