Hop Along / photo by JCB

Editor's Note
Welcome to issue #15 of Chicago Crowd Surfer! This week brought Hop Along and Bat Fangs and the unbreakable Eels to town along with so many other artists; including our favorite locals Pylons and Totally Cashed who played a sold out show at The Burlington and we bring you a full review by our new contributing editor AD. Totally Cashed were celebrating the release of their new album Babeland!, and we have a review from KPL to round out the coverage. Plus reviews of the new Snail Mail record, what we are jamming to this week, and so much more...

Seeing live music gives us joy, and it is our mission, in these trying times, to spread some of that joy to you. We don’t just want to spread it, we want to share it; which is why we are a crowd-sourced publication. We want you to join us: to write about, and share pictures of, the shows you attend, the new albums you love, the bands you adore, and any other thing that has to do with seeing, performing, or experiencing music in Chicago. Please send any submissions to chicago.crowd.surfer@gmail.com. We are now up to fourteen contributors and are always looking for more! We may not publish everything we get, and we reserve the right to edit, but will always try and seek the submitters’ approval. Our mission is to be a positive publication, so if you have negative things to say - please look for another forum in which to express that opinion. We aim to wade through the bullshit of this modern life to find what good is left. See you at the show Chicago.

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The Metro

June 10th

Hop Along / all photos by JCB


After a lovely, misty Sunday in Chicago, what better way to end the weekend than with two of the most exciting indie bands playing the Metro? I was jazzed just seeing the marquee; and thanks to Girlie Action, I was fortunate enough to get a VIP ticket for my trusty Fujifilm.

I always love when a band is prompt, and it’s even better when the band is my favorite new duo of 2018. Bat Fangs has a singular mission – to melt our faces with 80’s inspired hard rock. Bat Fangs is Betsy Wright (from Ex Hex) on guitar and vocals, and Laura King (from Flesh Wounds) on drums. I knew I was in for one hell of a ride when Betsy walked onstage in leather pants, cropped hair hanging over her eyes, smeared red lipstick, and a swagger that could restart your engine. Snarling her lyrics like the microphone and the PA were the only things holding her back, she was a killer supporting character in Ex Hex, and is a dream as a leader.

Laura King, who might just be the cousin of Animal with her sticks flying around as much as her hair, backs up Betsy on drums. Her straightforward beats are the kind of percussion I grew up with, and the kind that inspires legions of kids to make the move from pantomiming to getting their first set of sticks. Laura perfectly supported the riff rock with thunderous kicks, and cymbals raining from the heavens in set-closer (and band theme) “Fangs Out.”

My favorite part of the set was when touring bassman, Mike Montgomery (wearing a Heart shirt of course) and Betsy would clash guitars in center stage. It looked like ancient, dueling warriors in a Dio music video, or me, 10 years ago, when I hit my ‘Star Power’ in Guitar Hero. This band is skyrocketing its way to headlining gigs soon, so see them before the word gets out.

If Bat Fangs is going to break through soon, Hop Along is currently sledgehammering the wall down. Their latest album, Bark Your Head Off, Dog, is rightfully sitting pretty near the top of Best of the Year lists. The album—much like its predecessor—features the raw and merciless lyrics of bandleader, Frances Quinlan, delivered in her (now trademarked) raspy and intense voice.

After coming out to church music, “How Simple” (the band’s first song off the new album) just sort of appeared as if it had always been playing over the PA. I’d never seen Hop Along before, so I was intrigued as to how they’d pull off the tough sound they do so well on record. Well, I’m here to say they pull it off damn well. The jerky syncopation juxtaposed with Frances’ sweet  fragile vocals works because the band is so in tune with their respective roles. I want to highlight this part, because each song deftly weaves together multiple genres to create a sound that is solely Hop Along’s.

Behind the pleasant melodies exists each member taking turns leaping over one another to play with dissonance, hammer a quick solo, or stretch their dexterity muscles. It’s enough to make you wonder if they even know where they are until Frances pulls everyone back together for a chorus, or an ending note. The nimble drumming of Mark Quinlan propelled the live show forward. In the land of 4/4 rock, Mark can groove. His rhythms remind me of Jimmy Chamberlain’s in the Pumpkins. It's just that extra spice that makes everything nice for a rock band.

Like Bat Fangs before them, Hop Along is clearly loving their career, and the song breaks are the perfect time for them to verbalize it with banter. They admitted to not knowing the best Chicago-style food, and decided they needed every answer from the crowd at once. I assume they spent Monday at Lou Malnati’s with Johnnie’s Beef, and Gene & Jude’s toppings. Playing music with such serious lyrics could easily lead to a somber show, but the crowd was all smiles as Frances joked that she was about to “teach us a history lesson before [we] go back to work”, or that “[we’re] about to hear a biblical song… but, not really.”

The Metro might not have been sold out for the show, but it sure as hell felt like it when I turned around from the front row and headed to the balcony to get some shots. The crowd that was there, however, knew every song title, every lyric, and couldn’t be bothered to leave for even a moment. This made grabbing a beer the easiest it’s ever been, so thank you, Hop Along’s rabid fanbase. The only downside to Hop Along--with music so perfectly executed and enough tracks off of the previous albums for long standing fans--is that it didn’t last longer! After the three-song encore, every member in the crowd was left begging for more; there wasn’t a silent audience member among them. For their first headlining tour, the Chicago trip was a complete success. Can’t wait to see them again.

Hop Along will continue to tour with Bat Fangs for a few more shows before they play Gov Ball, and will be opening for the Decemberists—who, by the way, also have an awesome 2018 effort out—in the fall. Hopefully, the bands stick together after the Europe leg, and come back again for another Chicago show.


totally cashed.jpg




June 9th

Totally Cashed; March 2nd show at Burlington / photo by JB

To say that Totally Cashed put on quite a show would be a glorious understatement. The advent of their sophomore album, Babeland!, was ushered in by a 7-hour event that featured talent from across several artistic genres. There really are no words that can fully describe what I experienced that Friday night at Burlington, but I’ve done my best. Enjoy.

The event kicked off with an art gallery featuring the various works of visual artist (and Pylons bassist), Karen Mooney. Mooney illustrated all the artwork for Babeland!. Her work will be on display, and for sale at Burlington until the end of the month. You can also check out her stuff via Instagram @moongerm.

Next up were the comedy stylings of Anthony Lawless and Erik Fischer. Lawless opened with a bit about his raunchy workout routine, then riffed about the town of Gurnee, and a particularly destructive visit to Steak N’ Shake. Then Fischer took the stage closing with stories about his most painful childhood experience, an awkward moment involving his dog, and a sexy bit about his run in with the cops. Both comedians had the crowd engaged, and laughing which is not an easy task when performing for a group of people who showed up to see a rock show. You can find Anthony Lawless on Instagram @anthonyl.gif.

Next up: Rock trio, Dirty Water. These guys were the only band on the bill that I had never seen before. Their sound reminded me of a jammier Doors: touting a smooth combination of blues, reggae, and rock. Overall, their performance was distinct, thoughtful, and definitely worth going to see live. You can catch them on June 16th at Sergio’s Cantina in Geneva, IL. Their music is also available on iTunes, and Bandcamp. For more tour dates, and links to their social media visit their website at dirtywaterofficial.com.

Following Dirty water was America’s sweethearts, Sneezy. If you’ve never seen them play before, I highly recommend it. Their front man, Brett “Sneezy” O’Connor, knows how to work a crowd with his powerful vocals, and energetic charm. Backed by lead guitarist, Austin Lutter; bassist Tom “Chops” Hannum; rock and roll’s most adorable percussionist, Austin “Ringo” Koziol; and drummer, Nathan Marks these guys are a musical powerhouse. Even with the absence of their rhythm guitarist/vocalist, Jack Holland, they managed to produce the type of quality set that their fans have come to expect. With a perfect mix of popular mash-ups, and catchy originals, these guys have figured out how to achieve mass appeal without watering down their talent. For dates and deets, follow them on Facebook at facebook.com/sneezymusic or on Instagram @sneezymusic.

Time for Pylons. Pylons have quickly risen in the ranks as one of my favorite bands to see live. I admittedly didn't know I was a punk rock fan until I saw them play during their album release show back in March. They strolled on stage Friday night with a sense of electric self-possession, and modesty then proceeded to flood the venue with pure, unbridled rock and roll. Their performance was nothing less than intoxicating. Their next Chicago performance is on June 26 @ 7:30pm at Schubas Tavern. You can follow them on Facebook at facebook.com/thebandpylons or on Instagram @thebandpylons.

Totally Cashed didn’t just start their set; they made an entrance. Which, given the vibe of the rest of the night, made a lot of sense. The entire band paraded their way through the crowd and on stage in a procession of bolo ties, and pearl snap shirts. (Except for bass player, Tom Hannum, who rocked his bolo tie over his signature flannel.) Not a single note had been played, and already it was a show. They jumped into their set with “Smoke You Down” and played straight through into “In the Woods Pt II”. The energy in the room was at an all-time high; it felt like I was at a stadium rock concert rather than the back-room venue at Burlington. They continued on with their set, each song opening with a cheer of familiarity from the crowd. During several solos guitarist Austin Lutter, climbed up on the amp throwing the nearby audience into a we’re-not-worthy-esque frenzy every time. I couldn’t help but laugh out loud. It was insane. About midway through the set, front man, Trevor Seitz, began to bring up guest musicians to perform with the band. One of which was vocalist, Claire Bryant, whose rendition of Janis Joplin’s “Piece of my Heart” left me with goosebumps. As Totally Cashed’s set wound down, Seitz announced an unexpected Two Kings’ set. The rest of the band cleared the stage (save for Hannum and a guest drummer) and on walked Pylons’ Sam Fadness: guitar in hand, and ready to rock. Playing as Two Kings, Seitz and Fadness--who have been creating music together since they were kids--privileged the audience with a few of their classics. The melodic essence that would later influence the music of Pylons and Totally Cashed bubbled just under the surface of their performance. This was probably one of my favorite parts of the night to be honest. For the grand finale (yes, grand finale) Seitz called all the performers and crew up on stage for a boisterous rendition of Joe Crocker’s “With a Little Help from my Friends” that--if Burlington allowed pyrotechnics at their venue--would have probably ended in a whirlwind of sparks, and columns of flames.

I left the venue that night feeling different than I did going in: inspired almost. The entire show was highly entertaining, and stocked with endless amounts of local talent. If you haven’t seen Totally Cashed yet, now is the time to do it; because, with the energy, entertainment value, and talent that these guys possess (and surround themselves with) it won’t be long before they’ll be selling out Wembley Stadium. And tickets will probably be expensive.

You can follow Totally Cashed on Facebook at facebook.com/totallycashed, or on Instagram @totallycashed. Babeland! is available on Spotify, Apple Music, Bandcamp, and YouTube.



Eels / That 1 Guy


Thalia Hall

June 6th

Eels  / photo credit: Paste Magazine

The musician known as E (Mark Oliver Everett) has been an inspiration of originality for much of his storied career, and a lot has happened in the four years since his last album and tour. Taking some time away from music, he married, had a son, and subsequently divorced; and it was these events (plus the 2016 election results, of course) that inspired him to return to his guitar. Earlier this year, he released The Eels first album since 2014, aptly titled The Deconstruction. So, when I heard they were making a stop at Thalia Hall, we scooped up some tix to see an accomplished musician return to the road.

Unfortunately, due to to our late arrival, we only caught the last several songs in That 1 Guy’s set. The venue was already packed with—mainly middle aged—folks, but we were able to grab a spot beside the soundboard in the back  A consummate entertainer, and one man band, Mike Silverman—otherwise known as That 1 Guy—was jamming on his “Magic Pipe”. (A crazy, one-string, bass-tuned instrument that looked like the amalgamation of a harp and a plumber’s nightmare that someone tried to build themselves. Which is exactly what he did.) One of the last tunes was his well known “The Moon is Disgusting (It’s Made Out of Cheese)” which had him working the “Magic Pipe” in all its glory. I have no idea how it works, but it sounds as odd as it looks, and his sleight of hand card tricks put him over the top as a performer.

As the lights came up for the changeover, it became clear we were on the younger side of the crowd which is quite the opposite of the usual Thalia experience. The Eels have been putting out music since ‘95, and it was clear that Gen Xers came out in force for this show, buying up a ton of merch. It seemed like everyone was carrying an album, or had a t-shirt thrown over their shoulder. I knew E had a dedicated fan base, but was unaware of just how much they loved him and The Eels. It became convincingly clear when the lights went down, and they sauntered onstage to the theme from Rocky with roars of applause from the sold out house.

During the last several years, before his hiatus, E usually opened with a few covers to get the band, and the crowd warmed up. I was happy to see this trend continue with rousing versions of The Who’s “Out In The Street”, and Prince’s “Raspberry Beret”. During the later part of the show, E was hilarious; doing a back and forth dance that had LPL cracking up in front of me. After which he commented over the cheers, “That was fun wasn’t it?” before launching into single “Bone Dry” off the new album.

What followed was a near two hour set full of past hits, and new material that ran the gamut of his career. Highlights include “Novocaine for the Soul” from first album Beautiful Freak; “I Like The Way This Is Going” from 2010 hit, Tomorrow Morning; and “You Are the Shining Light” off the latest. They ended the set with a moving version of “P.S. You Rock My World” that had everyone swaying, and taking hands with their loved ones.

After several minutes of darkness, the band retook the stage for another Prince cover. This time it was the funky rocker, “When You Were Mine”. They left the stage again to another roar from the crowd, but I knew they weren’t done. I whispered to LPL as she turned to me, ready to head out the door:“Oh they are coming back out for sure.” And, of course, they did: to raucous applause before launching into a four song encore that took all of us under their large wings of sincerity and love, keeping us suspended in air as we all emptied out onto the streets of Pilson, heading back to our lives a little richer thanks to Everett’s talents as a master storyteller and rocker.   


We apologize for the lack of photos, but, per the band’s request, no cameras were allowed in the venue.


Totally cashed

A sense of humor is usually what is missing in rock these days and Totally Cashed is here to fill that void with their new, kind of, concept album Babeland!. These Chicago ragers packed the Burlington last Saturday for their release party and it was quite a show (see our show review above); and the album itself is a garage rock explosion of squealing guitars, bluesy saxophone and Trevor Seitz’s brash vocal delivery. It is clear that their influences have a far range, from the mid career Clash like “TMZ” to mariachi punk with “Sayonara Cowboy,” to short early punk burners like “Mocha Mota” (that clocks in at a full 58 seconds) with it’s only lyrics being the title again and again with Seitz growling “living in the USA” over the top. It could be a late career Dead Kennedy’s tune if you put Jello Biafra's vocal tenacity in there.

Not that Seitz isn’t perfect for this. His vocals carry the listener through each track with ease, and Austin Lutter’s guitars solos and Pat Girdaukas jazzy blues licks on sax bring it all into focus. As the record progresses one realizes it’s almost over. Only two of these fifteen tunes clocks in at over 3 minutes, but as it nears completion some of the grittiness dissolves and we get a few tunes with a personal bent. “Sit and Wash Away” is the perfect closer with just Seitz and an acoustic bringing us down before you turn around and start listening again! It’s only 26 minutes long! Twice though won’t be enough, you may as well make it three.


Look for more on Totally Cashed in our future issue. We can’t get enough of em! 


snail mail

If you have forgotten what it’s like to be in your late teens Lindsey Jordan is here to remind you. The 19 year old singer/songwriter, out of a suburb of Baltimore, perfectly captures the disquiet, doubt, and turbulent relationships of young adulthood on her debut record Lush. “I’ll never love anyone else. If it’s not supposed to be, I’ll just let it be.” she sings on stand out “Pristine.” It’s performed with such sincerity that you can’t help but feel she means it. There is no tongue and cheek here, this is solid indie rock with heartfelt intensity that boils under the surface of the entire album.

We throw around the word convessional when describing a mass amount of new indie rock, but Jordan fits the bill more than most. With each tune: from “Heat Wave,” which begins with a description of herself waking up in her clothes and her thoughts drift to her lover; to “Full Control” where she lays out a story of a bad breakup; she builds worlds that collide with memories of youth in such a real way that it leaves one wondering if she can capture this same potency again.   

You may be rolling your eyes, but if you put on this record you’ll be swept up in her catchy tunes and melancholic delivery. As I’ve said of her in the past: this is indie rock gold.


Snail Mail is playing the Sub T this Saturday and it is Sold Out; however she is on the first wave of artists for Wicker Park Fest in late July so be on the lookout in our Summer Fest Guide for more info.


kadhja bonet
fat possum

Spacey and ethereal, the second album from Kadhja Bonet is anything but grounded. It floats in the stars, refusing to come down for any of its ten tracks. Bass lines swim around electronic melodies and staccato xylophones or flowing flutes. This endlessly entertaining album would make a perfect backdrop to an animated film. In fact one was playing in my head during several listens. She captures the innocence and journey that defines childhood so deftly, yet seems to age as the record progresses. Growing into a teenager and longing to return to what was left behind she closes the album how it began, with just a bass line and choral arrangement of vocal sounds, no words attached.  

The sense of self and discovery doesn’t stop at the music this is an excerpt from her bio on bandcamp: “(sounds like) Kad-ya was born in 1784 in the backseat of a sea-foam green space pinto. After spending an extraordinarily long time in her mother's plasma, she discovered the joys and gratifications of making noise with her hands and face while traveling at maximum velocity through intergalactic jungle quadrants.” Couldn’t have said it better.


So far there are no tour dates in Chicago for Bonet. We are crossing our fingers!


the front bottoms
ann ep

Our favorite sing along indie emo rockers released this EP a month ago, but who cares if we’re late to the party, it’s good and you should take a listen. They’ve lost some of the edge of several years ago with sleeker production and some strings in places but the same snarky lyrical intensity is still on display.

Chicago gets them twice this summer. At 101WKQX PIQNIQ at Tinley Park on June 30th and at Riot Fest, Sept. 14th thru 16th, in Douglas Park.

made it home

This tear jerker is the second single off new album In Our Time, dropping July 13th. This Canadian’s indie soul folk sound gets to our inner sanctum.   

Currently opening a few dates for Mavis Staples. He has no stops in Chicago

danny nedelko

These punks from England just put out this story song in favor of immigration and against racism. The second single off upcoming album Joy as an Act of Resistance, due out Aug. 31st. We can’t wait to see them live.

And we are in luck because they are coming through Lincoln Hall with Bambara in support of Sept. 14th! Gonna be a killer show! 

here we go

Pop music has ventured into this folk territory for years now and this is the latest MFM trio out of LA. But there is something about a sing along “oh oh” chorus that combines with the summer to make musical magic.

No tour dates for Wild in Chicago anytime soon, which doesn’t surprise us considering their first album hasn’t even dropped yet.

john mark mcmillan, joy williams

A new version of a tune off McMIllian’s break out album, last years Mercury & Lightning, featuring Joy Williams, ex The Civil Wars singer and accomplished solo artist. It’s a fabulous duet. Don’t believe us? Go listen to it now and disagree, we dare ya.

He played here in February of last year so he should be due back sometime soon!



  • Jason Isbell - Whisper / The Assassin

  • Smashing Pumpkins - Solara

  • Don Diablo - Anthem (We Love House Music)

  • Dagny - Used to You

  • Tyler the Creator - 435

  • DeJ Loaf (feat. Leon Bridges) - Liberated

  • Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever - The Hammer


jorja smith  /  lost & found  /  famm

We’ve stated before that R&B is a genre in flux at the moment, and Jorja Smith is a prime example. She has been self releasing singles for several years now to great acclaim. Funky, soulful and lyrically inspiring her debut full length is really worth a listen. She even raps, laying down a verse on “Lifeboats (Freestyle).”

She was just at Thalia in May and we slept on it. Hopefully some of you caught it cause we don’t expect her back in the states till next Spring.


lykee Li  /  so sad so sexy  /  LL, RCA

This Swedish artists fourth album follows the same trajectory as the previous three but the fact is that her sound works and it’s dynamite here. Indie pop at it’s finest. Li Lykke Timotej Zachrisson (no wonder she has a stage name) has always been great, and with a photographer mother and reggae-punk band frontman father as influences it’s no wonder.

She is playing Lolla this August on closing day, Sunday the 5th, but has no solo show dates for Chicago the rest of the year (due to Lolla’s insane restrictions for musicians. Something we will rant about in future, we’re sure.)


river whyless  /  kindness, a rebel  / roll call

A breakout album for sure. Could possibly make our top albums of the year. Their folk tone has exploded on most of this album into indie rock territory and the combined sound is nearing the classic zone. Lyrically the album is right on point with the tenor of questioning our societal situation at the moment that has spurned countless great records this year, but it’s the combination of the folk appalachian sound with more modern sounds that sets them apart from most of their contemporaries.

They are dropping by Lincoln Hall next Thursday the 21st and we’ll be there. The show starts at 8PM and is only $15. What else you got going on?


pllush  /  stranger to the pain  /  father/daughter

These Bay Area indie rockers put out a hell of a debut. After teasing us for months with singles they release this dream pop beauty. If you are looking for a Sunday chill out record that still gets the head bopping this one is your jam.  

Unfortunately they have no Chicago dates at this time. Just a short west coast run.


kids see ghosts  /  kids see ghosts  /  Takashi Murakami/Kaikai Kiki, Getting Out Our Dreams, Def Jam

The third project in as many weeks from Getting Out Our Dreams (GOOD) imprint; which is, of course, Kanye West’s label, even though Pusha T has been president since 2015. Last weeks ye, Daytona at the end of May, and now a Kid Cudi/Kanye collab project that is the most compelling music the label has put out since The Life of Pablo; however, we cannot be blinded by great music. Some of West’s actions lately are not in line with our values and that does taint the album for us.  

It seems they played a show at “Unknown Venue” in LA last week as an album release party but we doubt we will ever see them live together unless there are special circumstances. We’ll see.



serpentwithfeet / soil / secretly canadian/tri Angle

Josiah Wise creates serpentwithfeet and it is spectacular. His debut album is an indie R&B masterpiece. Yes, it’s that good.

He is coming to The Empty Bottle on Sunday July 1st. Doors are at 8:30PM and its $14.

kiefer / happysad / stones throw

The second album from producer/pianist Kiefer Shackleford is jazzy, funky and soulful. Everything you would want from an electro jazz record.

It appears he is not on tour at the moment. Too bad cause we would love to see him do some of these tunes live.

family and friends / felix culpa / family and friends

A strong first full length from these Athens, Georgia boys. This is what folk/indie rock has become in 2018, and we can dig that.

They are playing Taste of Randolph this weekend at 7:30PM on the East Stage right before Lukas Nelson and The Real. Admission is $10.

lauv / i met you when I was 18. (the playlist) / lauv

Sure it’s popular electro pop but this debut full length from Ari Staprans Leff caught us off guard with its execution and production.

He is playing Lolla. on Friday at 4PM on the American Eagle stage. (really? American Eagle stage huh? who knew a clothing company would be sponsoring a lolla stage, ha!)

black thought / streams of thought Vol. 1 / human re sources

A collab with producer 9th Wonder its the first studio recording Black Thought has done without The Roots since his first collab with J. Period in 2015. A record that  is everything you would want in quality hip hop.

No dates for Black Thought at this time and The Roots aren’t making it to Chicago this summer.

ne-yo / good man / motown

Not usually our bag but this retro R&B is so well produced that we couldn’t help telling you about it. There is nothing groundbreaking here, just quality baby making music.

Ne-Yo is part of the V103 Summer Block Party at Northerly Island on July 14th.

robby hecht & Caroline spence / two people / old man henry/tone tree

It’s a story that has worked before, two folk singer songwriters join forces and produce gorgeous harmonies and some thoughtful tunes. Beautiful album. Throw this one on if you feel like you need a breather.

They are touring together but have no Chicago dates as of now.

erin rae / putting no airs / single lock

Another great folk album this week comes from Tennessee native Erin Rae. Her full, yet reserved, vocals fall into that girl next door with a guitar vibe that is all the rage right now. Beyond that, she has also written a few great tunes here.

She is playing Schubas next Friday the 22nd for $10. It’s a late show. Starts at 10PM.  

Dierks Bentley and Dave Matthews Band also released albums this week but they don’t need any help from us.

  • Bentley is playing the Country Lakeshake on June 23rd at Northerly Island (see our Summer Fest Guide for more info)
  • Dave Matthews Band is coming to the same venue on June 29th and tix start at $45.50.



  • Late last week Silver Wrapper announced a new club fest in Chicago which they are calling The Big Weekend. It is full of top tier jam and electronic acts. It is structured for two shows a night on Friday and Saturday. Tix are on sale at the venue sites right now!

Here is the schedule they put out:

Thursday, October 4
Lettuce @ Concord Music Hall

Friday, October 5
Emancipator Ensemble & Papadosio @ The Riviera Theatre (Early)
The Revolution @ Park West (Early)
Spafford @ House Of Blues (Early)
The Motet & Special Guests @ Concord Music Hall (Late)

Saturday, October 6
Umphrey’s McGee @ Aragon Ballroom (Early)
Leftover Salmon & Amy Helm @ Park West (Early)
Spafford @ House Of Blues (Late)
SunSquabi & The Russ Liquid Test @ Concord Music Hall (Late)

  • We apologize for the delay in getting our new calendar out, but once again, here is our recommended shows for this week:

Thursday June 14th:

-Alexis Taylor (of Hot Chip) / Annie Hart (of Au Revoir Simone) / DJ Craig Betchel (CHIRP)
The Empty Bottle  8:30PM doors $15

-Polo & Pan / Jean Tonique
Lincoln Hall  9:30PM $15

Friday June 15th:

-Flasher / Dehd / Juice Cleanse
Schubas  9PM $10 ($12 doors)

-Horse Feathers / Mynabirds (solo)
Lincoln Hall  9PM $20 ($25 doors)

-Retirement Party (LP Release) / What Gives / Dead Sun & Lettering
Beat Kitchen  8:30PM $10

-Taste of Randolph: See our Summer Fest Guide for more info.

Saturday June 16th:

-Snail Mail / Bonny Doon / Miranda Winters (of Melkbelly)
The Subterranean  7PM Sold Out (We have a tix to this show and can’t go! If you want it let us know. The only thing we ask is that you write a review for us by next Tuesday!)

-Brendan Bayliss + Joel Cummins & Friends
Bottom Lounge  10:30PM doors $27

-Quiet Slang / Abi Reimold
Schubas  $15 10PM

-Fuzzbucket / Box Era / Space Mafia / Bryce Cashman
Elbo Room  8PM $8

-Taste of Randolph: See our Summer Fest Guide for more info.

Sunday June 17th:

-Chicago Honky Tonk Presents: Horseshoe Bender & The Country Doctors
The Empty Bottle  12PM doors FREE

-Robert Plant & The Sensational Space Shifters / Jon Lanford’s Four Lost Souls
Pritzker Pavilion in Millennium Park  6:30PM $35 - $100

-Taste of Randolph: See our Summer Fest Guide for more info.

Tuesday June 19th:

-Bodega / Engine Summer / Daysee
The Empty Bottle  8:30PM doors $8

Wednesday June 20th:

-Glitter Creeps Presents: Avantist (EP Release) / Mother Nature / Djunah
The Empty Bottle  8:30PM doors $8

-Case / Pooky / Corn On My Dinner Plate
Lincoln Hall  7PM $10 ($15 doors) All Ages


See you at the show Chicago! 

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With any contribution, we request email submissions by the following Wednesday morning  (ex. If you see a Friday show, submit 4 days later; ex. Listen to a new album on Tuesday, submit the next day). Please let us know that you want to contribute so we can get you into that week’s issue. You can totally submit a review later than Wednesday, and we may include it. Not to put the pressure on, but we are a weekly mag so we like to keep content current.


P.S. If you want a little extra confidence, we really do want to hear from you and expand our community. I am not a trained writer, and personally think my reviews need a good deal of improvement. I keep writing to get better, and people are still reading it!