WEEK OF 9/27/2019


Faux Co.

Harvey Fox


September 27th

Faux Co. / 📷 : -Kyle Land

The weather outside was dreary, the rain pouring down on a cancelled night of Metal mayhem at Revolution Oktoberfest, but inside Cole’s Bar two local acts were ready to pour on the psych and folk to balm the spirits of those who braved nature’s water works. Cole’s has been booking local acts for years and their Friday and Saturday night shows have always attracted a quality scene, drawn by the cheap drinks and free music. Providing a bill featuring throwback psych folkers Faux Co., celebrating the vinyl release of their debut album Radio Silence, and the sincere pure rock entertainment of Harvey Fox as the evenings opener, the small back room venue was the perfect shelter from life's impending issues. A break from the everyday grind. With two local rockers sweeping the crowd up for two hours of forgetting troubles and getting down to the meat of what makes life worth living. 

Frontman Colin Fox can stare right into your core and his performance began as all intensity before letting go mid-set and having a blast along side bassist Tom Garvey. More hype man than percussionist/keyboardist Drake Morey led the charge of energy that swept through the band and into the crowd as Dario Valazquez was the rock on the kit that held it all together. Several new tunes off upcoming Lullabies for the Restless highlighted a stellar set from Harvey Fox, including recent single “Pictures of Herself.” As they really got rolling, Fox and Garvey started to hit it hard and even had a rockstar back to back moment when they got going strong on a jam. Indie rock for the psych fan, Harvey Fox is warming up for their album release at Sleeping Village on October 20th with Space Gators and Daydream Review in support. What a show! Get there Chicago! 

Speaking of potency, Faux Co. is all about taking your expectations and dismantling them. Looking rather unassuming, like they’re about to launch into a bro rock session, they pulled back the curtain to reveal an emotive, stylish folk rock that grabs the attention right away. Leader Ben Mackey has a lilting vocal quality that brings back the sound of the early sixties, and the rolling tunes wrap up the crowd in a warm embrace. Filled with cuts off Radio Silence including “Set The Record Straight” featuring Anna Holmquist of Ester, and highlight “It’s Nothing, Really,” the too short set was over just as it seemed they really started feeling on. Check them out at Schubas on October 28th with Old Joy and Ty Maxon opening. 

Both Harvey Fox and Faux Co. are on local imprint Midwest Action, which has been scooping up some really quality acts lately, expanding their roster to include some of the best indie bands Chicago has to offer.   

-Kyle Land